Whatever Crisis

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1885 - 2009

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1885 to 1943

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over 58 years

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He did not suppose anyone in that House thought that Whatever Crisis they might find themselves in, they could not look forward to spending £10,000, or £100,000, or £1,000,000 upon any absurdity which the nation liked to throw its money away upon.

A people brought up in the countryside are much more dependable in the long run, Whatever Crisis a country goes through.

This country will be for ever disgraced and this House will certainly begin very rapidly to lose power unless, during and through Whatever Crisis there may be, there continue to be some men in this House who think that, when the Executive has to be given added powers, it becomes all the more their duty to see that those powers are used to the minimum danger to our constituted liberties and with the minimum increase of human unhappiness.

1944 to 1998

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over 54 years

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One of the reasons is that we have dissipated the idea of factious opposition, and humbly we try to make ourselves a Council of State in order to meet Whatever Crisis may come our way.

If it were not for the fact that we have accepted, as the law of the Medes and Persians, that come Whatever Crisis, whether heaven may fall or not, we shall rise in time to leave 14 shopping days to Christmas, we would be able to take adequate time for the discussion of this Bill in Committee and hon. Gentlemen desirous of submitting Amendments on Report would have adequate time in which to put them down.

One would have to go through the trauma of Whatever Crisis it might induce, but then the institution would be free of drugs.

2004 to 2008

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over four years

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Whatever Crisis may arise, they do not see it as a fund to be used for other family matters.

Whereas other countries have been building up their funds for the inevitable correction in the markets that takes place after any period of sustained economic growth, our Government have been storing up economic problems for the future, so that we are in the worst position to deal with Whatever Crisis the international markets throw at us.

No principle would be breached but it might overcome that psychological hurdle that you have locked money away for 40 years, come Whatever Crisis.


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However much of a rush we are in and Whatever Crisis we are in, that is something we should consider.

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