World Monetary Crisis

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1968 - 1974

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Is he also aware that all on this side of the House regard it as petty and repugnant that he should be held personally responsible for what is fundamentally a World Monetary Crisis?

It is against that background and the background of the happenings of the past two or three days, in respect of the World Monetary Crisis, that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has produced a Budget of major importance.

At a time when the Government are arguing about another penny for building workers, and when we have been told that part of the World Monetary Crisis is due to the strength of the West German mark, does not the Minister think it preposterous that the people of this country should be asked to meet a penny of this cost?

1971 to 1972

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But I have not yet seen any public comment on the disarray into which the common agricultural policy has fallen as a result of the World Monetary Crisis.

There is a World Monetary Crisis.

Despite the efforts of economically advanced nations to push the World Monetary Crisis well down the agenda at Santiago, there is little doubt that the spokesmen for the so-called third world see it as fundamental to their struggle for progress, and that, therefore, they will wish to ensure that it receives priority attention.


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Of course, this is part of the World Monetary Crisis, and no country can expect to solve that alone.

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