Yugoslav Crisis

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1946 - 1993

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We have seen it, when the Yugoslav Crisis was blown up and magnified in America almost into a state of war.


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The plan agreed between the European Community troika and Yugoslav representatives at Brioni on 8 July offers a basis upon which negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the Yugoslav Crisis can restart.

He knows that last week the economic summit participants supported the Community's involvement in the Yugoslav Crisis.

Mr. Douglas Hogg: We and our EC partners have restated our readiness, if asked, to assist in negotiations towards a peaceful settlement of the Yugoslav Crisis.

I am afraid that the Yugoslav Crisis underlines that point again.

If we are to avoid the muddle of the Gulf war and the contentions of the Yugoslav Crisis, we must develop institutions that will allow us to overcome such differences.


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The Yugoslav Crisis has revealed that the United Kingdom is not relevant on its own but only as part of its alliances.

The lesson to come out of the Yugoslav Crisis is not the failure of a common foreign and security policy in the Community but the urgent need for one.

The Yugoslav Crisis has been discussed at every recent meeting of European Community Foreign Ministers.


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Recent developments in the Yugoslav Crisis were discussed, including the enforcement of the no-fly zone over Bosnia, Kosovo, implementation of the United Nations and EC sanctions regimes and EDC economic assistance to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Yugoslav Crisis emphasised that.

We do not have to look very far to see that the Yugoslav Crisis is not so much a revisiting in Europe of Europe's dreadful past as a precursor for Europe of what might happen in Europe's increasingly chaotic future.

The public relations firms have come into their own in the Yugoslav Crisis.

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