Capacity Crisis

Including: Crisis of Capacity, Impending Capacity Crisis, Crisis in Capacity, Immediate Capacity Crisis

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1970 - 2016

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1970 to 1991

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over 21 years

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Is there not a risk that we shall shortly be facing a Capacity Crisis?

If we do not order new trains now, we shall soon hit a major Crisis in Capacity.


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Ten consultants appeared, at a few hours' notice, to say that the Crisis in Capacity cannot go on.

The hon. Gentleman talks about a Crisis in Capacity, but he really must have a word with his Front-Bench colleagues because the way to solve the crisis in capacity is to invest.

Above all, the desperate and growing Capacity Crisis has been simply ignored.

2005 to 2011

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over six years

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I accept that, in a sense, Malawi is at the epicentre of the Crisis of Capacity.

Is it fair to limit responsibility to prison staff when the Government have recklessly ignored all the warnings over a period of six years that predicted this Crisis of Capacity in our prisons today, which was bound to impact on how individual prisoners are managed?

It is absolutely essential if we are to prevent a Capacity Crisis on the west coast line and other key transport corridors in the years to come.

Unfortunately, the key issue of Capacity Crisis has been obscured by an obsession with journey times.


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Secondly, although we hear regular warnings about a looming Capacity Crisis in electricity generation and the consequent risk of power cuts, there is a curious complacency about the Government's attitude.

Doing so will remove an element of uncertainty whose presence hampers investment, increases the risk of a Capacity Crisis and raises electricity prices unnecessarily.

Sir Howard is also clear in his report that there is no Crisis of Capacity now.

I draw my hon. Friend's attention to the conclusions on page 102, where it is made clear that the UK does not face an Immediate Capacity Crisis.


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We need more trains on the line as well as more carriages on those trains to deal with the Crisis in Capacity.

The commission has been clear that there is no Crisis of Capacity in the south-east now, although it concluded that we will need one additional runway in the south-east by 2030 and, in all likelihood, a second by 2050.

The Secretary of State for Transport claims that HS2 is essential to deal with an Impending Capacity Crisis on the west coast main line.


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We could ask what exactly Ministers were doing instead of keeping improvements on track, because they were not keeping an eye on the franchising programme, which collapsed in 2012 costing taxpayers more than £50 million, or on the allocation of trains in the north, as the Secretary of State approved the transfer of new rolling stock from TransPennine to the south, triggering a Capacity Crisis that cost taxpayers another £20 million to resolve.

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