Crisis in Greece

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1916 - 2016

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1916 to 1945

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Sir E. CORNWALL asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether, in view of the statement by M. Venizelos that he is satisfied with the result of the Boulogne Conference, he will make a statement to the House as to the nature and result of the Conference so far as it dealt with the present Crisis in Greece?

Owing to the political and financial Crisis in Greece, the representations made by His Majesty's Chargé d' Affaires have not so far proved successful.

It said:The proposal to end the Crisis in Greece by the establishment of a Regency Council headed by Archbishop Damaskinos is a compromise solution that ….


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Does the Minister accept that, having regard to the Crisis in Greece and in the eurozone as a whole, as has been widely reported, the reality is that the stability and growth pact is simply not working and that the words contained in the pre-Budget report indicate that all the Government are doing is shunting the whole issue on on the basis of wishful thinking?

Given the Crisis in Greece and elsewhere in Europe caused by excessive government borrowing, it would have been completely incredible for a new Government in the UK to come in without making any proposals about reductions in public expenditure.

I have just described what I suspect will happen throughout Europe if people continue to increase the budget irrespective not only of our spending review, but of the Crisis in Greece and of the situations in other member states, including very high levels of unemployment, the rise of nationalism that goes with that, and the populism that will emerge from those who want to agitate and create trouble.

2011 to 2013

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Now we see the Crisis in Greece spreading to Italy, and no plans for jobs and growth - just more austerity.

What leadership is the United Kingdom prepared to give over the Crisis in Greece?

The House has great respect for the right hon. Gentleman, but he must remember the situation Europe was in on the date the coalition was formed, the Crisis in Greece, and the fears that we would not be in a good position.


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My Lords, with the leave of the House, I will repeat a Statement made a few minute ago by my right honourable friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer in another place: “Mr Speaker, let me report to the House on the latest developments in the financial Crisis in Greece, how they might affect British citizens and how we protect our economic security at this uncertain time.

Does he not also agree that this Crisis in Greece offers up some broader lessons, one of which is that EU Ministers and Governments will not put up with endless game playing?

Let me report to the House on the latest developments in the financial Crisis in Greece, how they might affect British citizens, and how we will protect our economic security at this uncertain time.

The Crisis in Greece has been building up for many years now, and billions in bail-outs have already been provided from eurozone economies.

What assessment has the Chancellor made of the impact on that industry of the Crisis in Greece?

As the economic Crisis in Greece persists, there are greater risks of shortages.


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(Urgent Question): To ask the Home Secretary if she will make a statement on the developing humanitarian Crisis in Greece.

My right hon. Friend is right to focus on the humanitarian Crisis in Greece, but does she agree that the wider region is important?

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