Crisis in Its History

Including: Crisis in Its Whole History, Crisis in Our History It, Crisis of Its History

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1910 - 2014

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1910 to 1916

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over six years

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In so serious a Crisis in Our History It is of supreme importance that every section in the House should have full advantage of the wisdom and counsel of its leaders, and certainly no one is more competent to render that service than the right hon. Gentleman.

They told us the truth last March, that this country had arrived at a Crisis in Its History on naval procedure in connection with the shipbuilding being carried on by a neighbouring country.

I will gladly give directions for carrying into effect your proposal to do honour to the memory of a most distinguished servant of the State who has achieved so much for Iris Country in this great Crisis of Its History.

Men accounted strong before the war were accounted strong before they were tested, and at every test they have shown the greatest weakness of character and lack of all the qualities that we have a right to expect from the leaders of a great nation at a great Crisis of Its History.

1917 to 1918

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I know the equanimity and the magnanimity with which he confronted always good fortune and evil fortune, and I know that whatever mistakes he and we who were his colleagues may have made, how he tried to serve his country in this great Crisis of Its History.

If one knew nothing about the Prime Minister except that a man in his position, leader of this nation at this stage in the Crisis of Its History, could come to this House and propose this plan for its acceptance, that, I say, ought to be sufficient to condemn him as showing his incapacity.

If that were done, then the necessities of the time are such, that I think everybody who has a desire to see this country survive this great Crisis in Its History will give ungrudging support to the Bill.

1927 to 1932

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over five years

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Still, it undoubtedly saved the industry at a desperate Crisis in Its History, and the names of my right 424 hon. Friend and Mr. Munro, now Lord Allness, who was then Secretary for Scotland, will long be remembered with gratitude by the fishermen of Scotland.

Mr. AMERY: In all quarters of the Committee we welcome, even in these hard times, the decision of the Government to help the little Colony of Mauritius in the disaster which has overtaken it, not at a normal time, but at a time when Mauritius has been going through the most severe Crisis in Its Whole History.

Has the Mining Association on any occasion during the last 10 years, during the period when the industry has been passing through the greatest Crisis of Its History, ever made a constructive suggestion as to how to put the industry right?

1936 to 1947

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over 11 years

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It is indeed fitting that the nation should thus honour the memory of a great Admiral and inspiring leader, whose services to his country in the Crisis of Its History will never be forgotten, and I will gladly give directions for effect to be given to your proposal.

I think that is pretty good going at a time when the country is faced with a tremendous Crisis in Its History.

The right hon. Gentleman, with his vast experience, has been responsible for the affairs of this country at the greatest Crisis in Its History, and no one on this side would wish to take away from him the glory that is his, on the way in which he managed affairs.

1949 to 1954

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over five years

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This country is quite obviously facing the most serious economic Crisis in Its History.

I also feel very keenly my responsibility, for the industry is undeniably facing a very great Crisis in Its History.

The hospital accommodates more than 1,100 patients and it faces the most severe Crisis of Its History.

1959 to 1968

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over nine years

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The Welsh foundry industry is facing the greatest Crisis in Its History since its beginning in the early eighteenth century.

While recognising that it would be against the national interest to give the day-to-day changes in the reserves, may I ask the Chancellor to repudiate the second and more important statement by Mr. King, that GreatBritain is now faced with the greatest financial Crisis in Its History?

Sir C. Osborne asked the Prime Minister if he proposes to dismiss Mr. Cecil King from the Court of Directors of the Bank of England for his unauthorised disclosure that Great Britain is now faced with the greatest financial Crisis in Its History, which is being concealed by misleading statements about Great Britain's reserves, in view of the fact that this is a reflection on his honour and honesty.

1971 to 1983

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over 12 years

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It is in that situation that the World Bank is today reported in The Times to be facing what The Times callsperhaps the most serious Crisis in Its History over loans to Pakistan, where the central Government is trying to reassert its authority in East Bengal.

Thompson and Hunter wrote:The bus industry in Britain, after a long period of relative stability, not to say stagnancy, is now in the early 1970s going through the most severe Crisis in Its History.

The West Midlands, once the workshop of the world, is facing the worst economic Crisis in Its History.

1986 to 1993

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over seven years

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At a time when the United Nations faces its worst financial Crisis in Its History, how can the continued publication of the controversial PINS-political information news service-report be justified when it costs almost £1 million a year?

That is the real reason Strathclyde finds itself in the midst of the gravest financial Crisis in Its History - not the 'can pay, won't pay' Poll Tax rebels.

The general election defeat has left the Labour party with the most serious financial Crisis in Its History.

2002 to 2014

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over 12 years

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Today, the accountancy profession faces the greatest Crisis in Its History.

Where is the Bill to put right the mistakes made in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which has made a complete shambles of the NHS at a time when it is facing the worst Crisis in Its History?

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