Crisis in the National History

Including: Crisis of the National History, Crisis in Our National History, Crisis of Our National History

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1869 - 1954

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1869 to 1886

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over 17 years

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William Henry Hornby and Joseph Feilden as the representatives of the Parliamentary borough at the ensuing election, the gravity and importance of the Crisis in Our National History at which this election occurs was very prominently referred to, and it was decided that all millowners and their managers and over-lookers, and all master tradesmen and others possessing influence should be strongly urged to exert that influence, so as to secure in the municipal elections as well as in the Parliamentary, the success of the candidates who adhere to the constitution in Church and State," and so forth.

Fezzes were lifted up; there were Turkish banners, and what was much more serious, there were men, and some of them of advanced age, whose only object was at this great Crisis of the National History to give an opinion on national affairs, who were hustled, ill-used, and driven off the scene by violence.

It seems to be thought that the Mahdi creates a Crisis in the National History, whereas it is a crisis in the national history that produces the Mahdi.

1904 to 1916

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over 12 years

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It is beyond attack and beyond criticism; and if we have unfortunately differed on this question, if the amount and the extent of our differences came to me with the suddenness of surprise, betraying me into unduly heated language, I should never forget the service he has rendered to English public life, or how he came forward in a great Crisis of Our National History to play a part which will have a permanent effect on the fortunes of this country.

"That is rather a delicate question, but I should be lacking in moral courage if I did not frankly face it in a moment of supreme Crisis in Our National History.

Recalled to Egypt, he was displaying the same gifts in civil administration which he had already illustrated in the military sphere, when at the outbreak of the War he obeyed, with the alacrity of a man who has become the willing servant of duty, the summons to direct and to recreate our Imperial Forces in the supreme Crisis of Our National History.

1918 to 1932

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over 14 years

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It is thoroughly understood that if we give a certificate of naturalisation to an alien it imposes upon him the moral obligation that he should be friendly to the country of his adoption, and if it can be proved that he has been unfriendly during this Crisis of Our National History, there ought to be power to cancel his certificate.

And yet at this supreme Crisis in Our National History, when we are staggering under this heavy load of debt, when it is a very matter of life to us to recover as speedily as possible, someone in authority has allowed the United States to take to her own use this mighty German fleet that was lying in her harbours.

I have never remembered a Crisis in Our National History when Parliament, whatever its party, did not follow the lead of the executive in whatever action it took.

1945 to 1954

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over nine years

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"God's in His heaven," and "Underneath are the everlasting arms"; if it had not been so, we should never have come through this supreme Crisis of Our National History.

Remember that 1952 will bring us to the greatest Crisis in Our National History.

Who then could have foretold that my right hon. Friend would be Prime Minister twice in his lifetime, and leader in a great moment of Crisis in Our National History?

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