Disastrous Crisis

Including: Present Disastrous Crisis

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1841 - 2016

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1841 to 1904

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over 63 years

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The noble Viscount would acquit him of approaching this subject with any party motive; and he implored the noble Viscount to interpose 1390 with some well-armed measure in so disastrous a state of things, to prevent the arrival of a still more Disastrous Crisis.

The hon. Baronet did not condescend to treat the Committee to an exposition of that foreign policy which had led the country to the Present Disastrous Crisis.

Hence by withholding that supply at any moment it is in the power of the Portuguese Government to bring about an immediate and most Disastrous Crisis in one of our colonies.

1953 to 1987

three mentions

over 34 years

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It can be of no consolation to any party if we should ever have a really Disastrous Crisis.

If they attempt to do so, they will find themselves in a Disastrous Crisis.

Is my right hon. Friend aware that my constituents and other people in Mid-Sussex are grateful for the work of the emergency teams, local authorities and electricity boards during the Disastrous Crisis that was inflicted upon them by the storms of Thursday night and Friday morning?

2001 to 2016

two mentions

over 15 years

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We all know that farmers are facing a Disastrous Crisis with foot and mouth disease.

So we should address this as a fantastic opportunity to consider how we benefit from longer lives, rather than seeing it as a Disastrous Crisis.

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