European Crisis

Including: Another European Crisis, Great European Crisis, Present European Crisis, Any European Crisis, Immediate European Crisis

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1860 - 2015

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1860 to 1867

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over seven years

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It is in my opinion extremely desirable that we should not confine our whole attention to the consideration of homo affairs, or to the adoption of merely temporary expedients, but that we should be awake to the position of public affairs in their most comprehensive aspect, and that we should prepare—as I am happy to perceive we are already to some extent doing—for that which may prove a Great European Crisis.

There was then, as now, a European Crisis, and it was unadvisable that the Government should be placed in a situation which should compel them to resign and which would entail the loss of the services of the most tried and experienced statesmen that England could now boast of.

If we were to have an European Crisis to-morrow, what force could we bring into the field to defend ourselves at home in exchange for our £14,000,000 a year?


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What is the use for the purpose of defending these shores, and of enabling you to assert the dignity of the United Kingdom, at a Great European Crisis, of that sporadic system which enables you, if you think fit, to vaunt your strength in those parts of the world where the flags of the Queen's ships may be flying, but which, instead of adding anything, actually deducts from the real strength and energy of the country?

Could anyone in his senses suppose that the Ministers could have come down to the House in March last, and said—"Though things are now serene and calm, yet in July you may depend on it there will be a Great European Crisis"?

in the pound, imposed not in consequence of Any European Crisis, but simply in consequence of mismanagement and extravagance, and after some of the most important Members of that House had declared that the tax was absolutely unnecessary?

1871 to 1872

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Even in their own ante-chambers the Ministers had been anathematized for their economies; and it was hardly to be wondered at that, during the past six months, and in the face of a Great European Crisis, the Government had yielded somewhat to the pressure and opinion of that class who had access to the Press, and who had most influence in promoting the expenditure of the country.

Now, I have no love for compulsory service; but this I will say—that if the present system of recruiting is maintained, and if a Great European Crisis happens, you will be compelled to come to compulsory service.

They preferred to make political capital out of the European Crisis, and the national sentiment, yielding to a blatant, hollow cry, and endeavouring to silence a discontented follower, who was proving himself, in the language of the ring, to be somewhat of an ugly customer.

1877 to 1887

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He was in a temper, therefore, to inquire how it was that, at that period of European Crisis, England was able to stand so firm?

There was a Great European Crisis before them, and it was for them to consider whether they would take part in the creation of a new chapter in the history of the world.

But the advantage was that at a time of European Crisis and danger the Seals of the Foreign Office were in the hands of Lord Salisbury.


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Mr. C. BATHURST asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the Present European Crisis and the desirability of absolute solidarity among all classes and political parties in this country, he will consider the advantage of adjourning, for the present, this Session of Parliament, and so rendering impossible the continuance or development of acute party controversy with a consequent suggestion of internal discord to the minds of the subjects of Foreign Powers?

Unity in View of European Crisis, 1824, 1827, 1828.

Irish Unity in View of European Crisis, 1828.

Sir GEORGE TOULMIN asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether an edition in a handy form can be issued of Correspondence respecting the European Crisis (Cd.

Sir WILLIAM BYLES asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will issue as a Parliamentary 925 Paper a translation of the official documents of the Russian and German Foreign Offices which correspond to our own White Paper on the European Crisis?

Sir GEORGE TOULMIN asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he will consider the issue of a second part, in cheap form, of the correspondence on the European Crisis, containing the Belgian, Russian, and Turkish correspondence respecting the War?

1915 to 1916

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European Crisis and British Government Policy—Statements Made by Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1132.

European Crisis, While Paper—German Translation and Copies Supplied to Prisoners, 805.

European Crisis and Russian Mobilisation—German Chancellor's Speech, 1552.

1932 to 1936

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over four years

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I thought that no one outside a mental asylum believes now the stupid lie that the expenditure on social services produced the European Crisis.

European Crisis, 1931, causes, 1203–4.

In so far as the right hon. Gentleman made any reference to the Immediate European Crisis and appealed for action on our part, I submit to the House - and I hope that I submit to the whole House- that we are justified in putting our confidence in the Foreign Secretary to-day.

They may consider that, being in the midst of a European Crisis, it is not the time for us to put down an Amendment of this description.


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Reports in some London newspapers that the Dominions have been consulted by the Dominions Office about foreign policy in the Present European Crisis and that they have given their views are not true.

Mr. Manderasked the Prime Minister whether any proposal in connection with the Present European Crisis has been made for the invocation of the German-Czechoslovakia Arbitration Convention, signed simultaneously with the Locarno Treaty and still held binding by Germany?

asked the Prime Minister whether any proposal in connection with the Present European Crisis has been made for the invocation of the German-Czechoslovakia Arbitration Convention, signed simultaneously with the Locarno Treaty and still held binding by Germany?

European Crisis, H.M. Government policy, Debate on Motion for Approval, [339] 404–8.

European Crisis, Government's policy, Debate on Motion for approval, [339] 410.

see also European Crisis, European situation and Foreign policy.

European Crisis, His Majesty's Government policy, Motion for approval, proposed Amendment, [339] 351–9.

European Crisis, Government policy, Debate on Motion for approval, [339] 500–10.

European Crisis, His Majesty's Government's policy, Debate on Motion for approval, [339] 393, 396.

European Crisis, Government policy, Debate On Motion for approval, [339] 389.

European Crisis, His Majesty's Government policy, Debate on Motion for Approval, [339] 392–9.

European Crisis, Debate on Motion for Adjournment, [339] 186.

European Crisis, His Majesty's Government policy, Debate on Motion for approval, [339] 399–404.

1939 to 1947

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over eight years

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He realises that at the present time, when we are faced with a Great European Crisis, we have round our neck a great deadweight of debt, which could have been removed by the process we recommended, it is significant that now he should turn to the report of the Select Committee on War Wealth and suggest that the problem could best be grappled with by a levy such as was examined by the Select Committee.

We are going away at a time of Great European Crisis.

It is also a European Crisis.

1948 to 1968

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The paragraph continues:Yet when all this has been admitted, we must go on to ask ourselves in all candour whether it is the destruction and dislocations of the war or the governmental policies followed since that war which are primarily responsible for the Present European Crisis.

However, after paying this generous tribute, he goes on:Yet when all this has been admitted, we must go on to ask ourselves in all candour whether it is the destruction and dislocations of the War or the Governmental policies followed since that War which are primarily responsible for the Present European Crisis.

It is a sad reflection on the House of Commons that we should spend two days debating the retention or the reform of an institution which for 300 years has been completely discredited and is an anomaly in our Parliamentary system, when the newspapers today are full of the European Crisis, in which the well-being and material, and perhaps spiritual and moral, standards of the people of Europe are being threatened by our failure to manage internationally the currencies of the nations of the world.

Was it after pressure on sterling developed some 10 days ago and before the European Crisis arose, or did the Chancellor want to bring in these measures some three weeks ago to deal with the situation, but was prevented from doing so by the statement of the Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity that there was not to be another economic freeze?


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He proposed a reinforced partnership between the EU and an autonomous WEU so that the political, economic and military elements of European Crisis management could be properly co-ordinated.

The aim is the fastest possible delivery of confidence in British beef, the fastest possible delivery in access to a single market and the fastest possible resolution to the European Crisis on beef.


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This is a European Crisis and we look to Europeans to live up to the challenge put before us.

Does my hon. Friend agree that, while the general principle of defence co-operation is important, what really matters is the building of practical structures to ensure a rapid response in terms of European Crisis management?

But at the same time we must be able to provide an additional capability which will allow the EU ready access to NATO assets to act in support of a European Crisis management operation where this is appropriate.

It is time for us to act and to do what the Americans have long asked us to do: to deliver a greater European defence commitment to NATO and to European Crisis intervention and peacekeeping, and to tackle the unacceptable situation that Kosovo highlighted and the unacceptable fact that, after five months' deployment, KFOR is only now reaching its full complement of 50,000 troops.

We are proposing that European forces - the forces of fully sovereign nation states acting in co-operation - should make a greater contribution to NATO, and that we should be in a position, where NATO as a whole is not engaged, to carry out European Crisis management operations, drawing on NATO's assets and capabilities when necessary.

Our ambition is that the European nations should be able to make foreign and security policy decisions underpinned by credible military capability, and that they should be able to take control of European Crisis management operations.


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We need therefore to be able both to make a stronger and more coherent contribution to the Alliance and to improve our collective capability to undertake European Crisis management operations where the Alliance as a whole is not engaged.

Particularly, we shall approve the basis for participation in European Crisis management of the six members of NATO who are European countries but not European Union members.

Working together, we secured three strategic goals: by agreeing reforms to European decision making procedures, we opened the door to enlargement, thus paving the way for Europe to be re-unified after over forty years of artificial separation; by securing a re-weighting of votes, including more votes for Britain, we secured Britain's influence in the wider Europe of the future; and by securing agreement to the new security arrangements for European Crisis management, we guaranteed a safer continent embedded in the transatlantic alliance.

2001 to 2005

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He said that it was a declaration and, "a purely political text which imposes no legal obligation on either the EU or Russia--it meets the objectives that we should seek to involve potential partners in European Crisis management, not least Russia, by engaging in dialogue on European security issues".

In some areas, such as the single market, we obviously need common rules applying to all; but in others, such as the euro or the development of a European Crisis management capacity, it makes sense to allow member states that want to co-operate more closely to do so.

While there is great agreement across the House on the causes of the European Crisis, this much-vaunted presidency of the EU has done almost nothing to resolve them.

2009 to 2010

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I absolutely agree with the hon. Gentleman that in some areas the Commission's proposals do not respect the agreement that was made in June, particularly where they propose European powers over firms, and European Crisis management powers.

Given the Present European Crisis with the euro, as my right hon. Friendthe Member for Wokingham (Mr Redwood) so accurately pointed out, and given the failure of economic governance in which we are absorbed and the coalition Government's continuing acquiescence in European integration and their refusal to repatriate powers, the Bill does little or nothing to improve the situation.

We have no hope of resolving the effect and implications of the European Crisis on our country, or of reducing by deregulation the impact of European laws on our businesses, including our small businesses, and our deficit, if we do not remove the overall burden of the 50% of economic regulation now on our own statute book, according the House of Commons Library on13 October.


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This is a global as well as a European Crisis.

We are in a European Crisis.

Now, as we talk about the Vickers report, we have Another European Crisis to add to our worries.

It therefore must be right that, at the moment, we concentrate on helping our colleagues to sort out the European Crisis, which is what businesses want us to do, and on getting our economy to grow again, which is what our constituents, in and out of work, want us to do.

I appreciated rather more the contribution of the noble Lord, Lord Risby, who said that we cannot get away from our geography or avoid the consequences of the European Crisis at the present time.

When you see Italian and Spanish bond spreads you can see the situation is incredibly dangerous” - and that came from a man who yesterday said that we cannot blame anything on the European Crisis.

We are not the solution to the European Crisis - we are intimately part of it.


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What is the root cause of the European Crisis?

The real solution to the European Crisis, which is not confined to the eurozone and deeply affects the United Kingdom, is that the levels of public expenditure, which led to the breaches of the criteria in the treaties, can be solved only by generating growth and giving oxygen to small and medium-sized businesses, for example, through deregulating the massive over-regulation and multiplicity of laws, such as the working time directive, among many others.

Secondly, as the European Crisis has gone from bad to worse, this is plainly having a chilling effect on the economy.

2013 to 2015

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This is a European Crisis requiring a European solution.

It is bizarre for the Labour Party, which has been pushing for higher expenditure - that would necessarily mean a bigger deficit, certainly over the period we are discussing - to upbraid us for following a policy that allowed the economic stabilisers to work and ensured that we did not have further cuts in the face of the European Crisis.

Perhaps that, too, is an unworthy thought, but what explanation is there other than the fact that they will not contribute to alleviating a European Crisis and will not join a European strategy?

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