Flood Crisis

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1947 - 2016

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1947 to 1987

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Then the trustees of the Wheat Pool of Western Australia, enclosing a cheque for £1, 000 in English currency, wrote:We pay tribute to Britain's farmers for their great achievements in the war years and for their strenuous efforts to combat the more Recent Flood Crisis.

Our High Commissioner reported that the resources at the disposal of the Canadian authorities were fully adequate to meet the immediate requirements of the Flood Crisis but that the people of Winnipeg and the surrounding districts would face a heavy task in putting their homes and farms in order after the floods.

Perhaps it is just as well that the local authorities and not the Welsh Office had to deal with the Flood Crisis.

2000 to 2002

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My Lords, I thank the Minister for repeating, in the form of a Statement, a Private Notice Question answered in another place giving details of the Government's response to the Flood Crisis in Mozambique.

As the Flood Crisis spreads throughout rural Yorkshire, will he ensure that the relevant authorities liaise closely with parish councils, which are often the best sources of local information, community support and volunteers?

This morning, my hon. Friend the Member for Stockton, South reminded me that last year, during the Flood Crisis, the Territorial Army played an important role - including its work in Skinningrove in my constituency.

2010 to 2015

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over five years

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On tourism, I wonder whether it is worth pointing out that the media, which did a wonderful job during the Flood Crisis, as has been said, nevertheless also contributed-probably inadvertently-to the general sense that Cumbria was closed for business.

His recent experience as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs during the Flood Crisis makes that all the more relevant, as he came down many times to visit and help us.

I know that those same people will be dealing with the Flood Crisis that has hit that poor country so dramatically in this past week.


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The worst reaction” - to the Current Floods Crisis - “would be more of the same.

I commend the Floods Minister for his magnificent work during the Flood Crisis over the Christmas period: he was accessible and responsive at all times.

The police were the unsung heroes of the Floods Crisis, which was the latest example of the growing pressures on a diminishing police service.

A renewed focus on this approach has been one of the notable outcomes of the Current Flood Crisis, helped of course by the exemplary work of the Pickering slow-the-flow scheme, which the noble Baroness, Lady McIntosh, described so eloquently.

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