Labour Crisis

Including: Biggest Labour Crisis, Crisis in Labour

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1905 - 2015

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1905 to 1946

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over 41 years

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In London in more than one union boards of guardians found themselves unable to cope with the difficulties presented, and from many quarters came allegations that they were face to face with a Labour Crisis such as had never occurred before.

I should have liked to have seen larger provision made by means of the weekly amount, and spread over a longer time when the Labour Crisis comes.

We, on this side of the House, have continually told the Government that if they did not make an all-; out drive for rural housing, which they have not done, if they did not look urgently at village amenities, which they have not done, if they did not restore the wheat payments,which we asked them to do and which they have not done, and, above all, if they did not settle the Labour Crisis on the land, not only would our farms not produce the same amount of food as last year but production would sharply decline.

1973 to 2015

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over 42 years

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We shall probably be faced with the Biggest Labour Crisis ever if the boom which we expect comes about.

Such is this omnipotence that we are seemingly credited for the election result in England, the near-death of the Liberal Democrats and the Crisis in Labour, and now we are the saviours of the English foxes.

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