Orders Crisis

Including: Present Order Crisis, Crisis of Another Order, Crisis in Order

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1915 - 2015

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1915 to 1934

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over 19 years

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The House of Lords did not follow our example, but decided to meet in the beginning of the year, and, in a great part of the Press the Upper House has been held up as an example of a patriotic legislative assembly which had come together at a time of Crisis in Order to assist the Government by its criticisms and suggestions, while we laggards in the House of Commons were hiding ourselves away and doing nothing.

What we care about is that the owner of the soil has come forward in time of Crisis in Order to try and do his part in getting his own fellow countrymen settled upon the land.

They do not know the formidable forces which are behind this Government, the capitalist and financial forces of which the Government are the nominees, who created the Crisis in Order that they should be put in the position in which they are.

1940 to 1941

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The Government have asked for a general cancellation or postponement of holidays during this period of Crisis in Order that there may be no interference with the production of munitions and that transport should be left free as far as possible for the needs of evacuation and Civil Defence.

It was formed at a moment of Crisis in Order to unite all the parties and all sections of opinion.

They want to keep the household means test in the general body of the social legislation of this country, because it is a most flexible instrument to use in time of Crisis in Order to unload the cost of keeping the poor from the Exchequer on to the working class.

1958 to 1962

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It is a little difficult to understand why some of the senior posts at the Admiralty, which were introduced at the time of the Korean Crisis in Order to cope with the great expansion which then took place, still exist.

For that reason, we feel that the terms upon which these loans are granted should be flexible and it should be possible to relax the interest payments at a time of Crisis in Order to help the territories out of any difficulties into which they might run at any moment.

Does he still consider it wise to have taken a Minister from an important Department during an economic Crisis in Order to bolster up Government affairs?

1965 to 1974

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over nine years

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If our reserve forces are to be of any value in times of Crisis in Order to maintain peace in the areas with which we are concerned, they must be made effective as a defence force, and they are not at present.

It is easy for the Leader of the House to try to dismiss this Crisis in Order to try to suggest that we use it to get Government business through.

It is quite possible that they have made up their mind that they want to force a confrontation and a Crisis in Order to have a General Election.


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However, the worry of Scottish shipbuilders is that the Present Order Crisis could have an effect in the period from 1976 to 1978.

The chairman of the company, Professor Kenneth Alexander, said early in November that the Government must take action within two months to avert the Orders Crisis affecting Britain's shipbuilders.

They read as follows:British platform yards facing Orders Crisis".

1976 to 2012

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over 36 years

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In view of the Orders Crisis facing the shipbuilding industry and the failure of the Government to produce a shipbuilding policy prior to the implementation of their nationalisation proposals, does the hon. Gentleman care to confirm or deny reports in the Pressthis week that the Government intend to introduce a shipbuilding policy to allow shipbuilding firms to go for orders on a world-wide basis and to try to attract orders from British shipping interests?

Then there will be a Crisis of Another Order because, if there is no public sector borrowing requirement at a time when money from pension funds and insurance companies amounts to £14 billion, there will be no gilt-edged market left.

I do not accept either the argument put forward by the hon. Member for North Ayrshire and Arran that there is some sort of right-wing plot - that we have been waiting for years for this Crisis in Order to take a stab at Keynesian politics and that, really, all we are interested in is a slash and burn of the public services.

The Government picked up part of the proposal that the Committee made in our report on the need for some kind of limited power of direction for the Chancellor over the Bank in a Crisis in Order to deal with the problem to which the previous Chancellor has alluded, not least in his rather graphic memoirs of that period.


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However, instead of learning from the mistakes that I accept the last Labour Government made - mistakes that would have enabled the Government to build a sustainable economy in which everyone can share - the Conservatives have imposed their ideological agenda on a terrible Crisis in Order to shrink the state and entrench inequality.

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