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1831 - 2015

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1831 to 1936

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over 105 years

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In What Crisis of public affairs will it 355 ever be permitted to the Peers to exercise their deliberative functions if it be denied to them now?

We want to avoid taxation, no doubt, but I would like 602 to remind the House in this Crisis of What was said to me by a former Conservative Member of this House, a friend of mine who is much respected, who, I am sorry to say, is not here now, but who, I am glad to say, is quite well.

What Crisis did he mean?

1938 to 1965

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over 27 years

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We have been reminded frequently in the weeks following upon the Crisis of What was the alternative to the Munich Agreement.

What Crisis have they foreseen which calls for these enormous powers in time of peace?

What Crisis has occurred during the last 9½ hours which has brought the Chancellor to the House to make this extraordinary statement, which apparently, he was either unable or unprepared to make when the Committee was reporting Progress as recently as 9½ hours ago?

1966 to 1980

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over 14 years

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Nevertheless, it is imperative in a state of emergency, when one knows not What Crisis in transport, or whatever it may be, may arise, that the Government should be fully armed to protect the life of our community.

I do not accept the premise of the hon. Gentleman's question in that I do not accept that there has been any Crisis in What has been a process of negotiation.

However, we must consider What Crisis - the internal and external forces acting in Afghanistan - suggested to the Soviet Union that intervention was required.

1984 to 1986

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What Crisis?

What Crisis will we have again in the coal industry?

What Crisis has to he on us before it becomes the Government's business?

1993 to 1997

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over four years

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what projects exist for rehabilitation and training of people suffering from schizophrenia; What Crisis centres with 24-hour support her Department finances; what planned allowances of beds in hospitals is made for those with recurring mental illness; and if she will make a statement.

The hon. Gentleman might say, "I do not care What Crisis you have got on, what orders you have to satisfy or what cases you have to prepare to go to court at short notice, in no circumstances will I work more than 48 hours a week," but, in case he is thinking of writing me a job application, let me tell him that he would not get the job.

It is not always possible to know What Crisis will blow up or what will be the issue of the moment when we get to Prime Minister's Question Time.

1998 to 2000

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Not for the first time, we have a Labour Prime Minister who says, "What Crisis"?

Indeed, the Prime Minister is on record as having said, "What Crisis in the countryside"?

I endorse that suggestion, although I must tell the noble Lord from bitter experience that, XCrisis, What Crisis"?

2002 to 2010

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over eight years

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In mentioning the hidden homeless, perhaps I should take a minute or two of the House's time to describe What Crisis and other organisations are getting at when they refer to the estimated 400,000 people who, despite the Prime Minister's aspirations, have no proper roof over their heads.

I hope that the Minister will not respond by saying, as one of his very illustrious predecessors in the Labour party never did say, "What Crisis"?

Will the shadow Chancellor join me in recommending Sam Brittan's article in the Financial Times last week entitled "Now is the time to ask: 'What Crisis?

2011 to 2012

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Then there was Jim “Crisis, What Crisis?

Listening to the new Minister for Housing reminded me of the words of a previous Prime Minister: “Crisis, What Crisis?


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As my hon. Friend the shadow Secretary of State said yesterday, “Crisis, What Crisis?

It is the old attitude of, “Crisis, What Crisis?

It is, “Crisis, What Crisis?

The Secretary of State may wish that Labour Members had short memories, but we remember the summer news reports of ambulances queuing outside hospitals with unacceptably long waits, and some people even having to be treated in tents erected in car parks, while the Secretary of State and his Ministers buried their heads in the sand and the Secretary of State's “Crisis, What Crisis?


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They need to predict What Crisis services will be needed and at what times, and make those services available.

There is a Crisis in What is a two-nation civil and criminal justice system.

What Crisis do they think the report is referring to?

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