Administrative Crisis

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1909 - 1985

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1909 to 1981

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An Administrative Crisis is inevitable in the island of Lewis, unless some steps are taken without delay.

Our own defence organisation is, of course, larger and more complicated than Canada's and, possibly, the penalties of an Administrative Crisis, even a temporary one, would be a more serious matter for us, especially with our immediate operational responsibilities.

I see all the signs of a concerted effort to sell the idea of shorter prison sentences - signs which appear both in this place and in the country at large, and to justify what is essentially an Administrative Crisis by reference to progressive and high-minded arguments.

If, when we fought the last election we had said in our manifesto that we believed that the advance of knowledge, experience in other countries, and our own conclusions following a study of the subject, obliged us to take a new look at sentencing and to move in the direction of shorter sentences, my right hon. Friend would be justified in putting legislation before the House, If we had said in our manifesto or at any time in speeches, or had suggested to the electorate that the overcrowding in prisons was so acute and terrible that an Administrative Crisis was facing us, or would be soon, and it was necessary to take drastic measures to avert that, again my right hon. Friend would be justified in considering that course.


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Such a debate would also provide an opportunity for the right hon. Gentleman to tell us what action is being taken to deal with the Administrative Crisis within the immigration service.

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