All Crisis

Including: All Possible Crisis, Crisis in All, Crisis of All

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1952 - 2011

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1952 to 1968

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over 16 years

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We went on until 1949 when the greatest Crisis of All took place, and again in that vital month of July of that year, the Prime Minister came to the House once more to announce that we were once again in difficulties.

And the greatest Crisis of All, that of Algeria, will be absolute headline news from now on as far ahead as we can see.

Then in the third year, when we are told that the worst is over and it is "steady as she goes", halfway through that we have the biggest Crisis of All.

1973 to 1980

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over seven years

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I do not agree with the hon. Member for Greenwich that it is All Crisis.

That means that it should have the capability for keeping All Possible Crisis areas under regular review so that if possible action may be taken by the Organisation to reduce tension in the area or to promote a settlement before the stage of fighting has even begun.

Perhaps the greatest Crisis of All faces our sewerage services.

The construction industry is facing the most serious Crisis of All.

1989 to 2001

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over 12 years

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Thirdly, and most important of all, the Government still do not appreciate, and certainly do not show that theyappreciate, the skills gap, which is the most unappreciated economic Crisis of All, and the lack of scientists, engineers and technologists for the future.

The worst Crisis of All for the fishing industry would arise if there were no fish in the sea.

As I said, compared with the gigantic Crisis in All farming sectors, this is a very modest Bill.

2003 to 2009

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over six years

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Indeed, alignment loans are an increasing proportion of All Crisis loans made by the social fund.

But the recruitment of this sufficient number of individuals is in Crisis in All three services.

We have a real Crisis in All four of those outlets, and it has led to something like 2,000 job losses in the last 12 months.


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All Crisis loans are repayable, and the vast majority are repaid, albeit sometimes over several years.

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