Another Serious Crisis

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1938 - 2014

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1938 to 1991

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I cite that not to say that the Government have gone back on their pledge, but because I am convinced that it is the fundamental truth about international affairs to-day, and if our sense of that conviction that collective security is necessary is a little less urgent to-night than it was 10 days ago I believe it is because we feel that the international situation is a little less grave, that we are not soimmediately faced by Another Serious Crisis as we were then, and have a certain hope that now we may somehow scrape through.

Will the Chancellor do what I asked a previous Chancellor to do but which he refused to do - go out day by day in the country and explain the difficulties of our situation and appeal not only for restraint in wage claims by the workpeople but on this side of the House for restraint in dividends and profits, for better, greater and cheaper production, because that is the only way that we shall avoid Another Serious Crisis which might well be ahead of us?

If winter arrives before the refugees are prepared to return to their homes there will be Another Serious Crisis.

2001 to 2014

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Unless that process begins shortly, we will face Another Serious Crisis and the Government will face the first major test of their second term.

I invite her to reconsider her position and to put in place interventionist measures to help the industry before we face Another Serious Crisis, like the one we faced a few years ago.

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