Disease Crisis

Including: Crisis of This Disease, Crisis in the Disease

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1882 - 2006

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1882 to 2002

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over 120 years

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If there was a dawn at all, it was a lurid and a red one, and he knew that all who had intimate intercourse with the people predicted a more acute Crisis in the Disease of anarchy.

That characterises the evasive attempts of his Department hitherto not to emphasise the threat and Crisis of This Disease.

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust seeks to secure the strength of all appeal procedures for rare breeds in the future event of a government exercising the right to slaughter or remove animals from breeding in a Disease Crisis.

In many ways, preventing animals from spreading foot and mouth has to go hand in hand with the dispersal of information among everyone who might have contact with livestock during a Disease Crisis.


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The Disease Crisis in the poorest countries is staggering.

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