Any Great Crisis

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1831 - 1927

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1831 to 1847

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over 16 years

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The gentlemen of England have never been found wanting in Any Great Crisis.

He had never for a moment doubted, that, on Any Great Crisis that might befal this country, the force marshalled on the side of law and order would be found to be irresistible, and that this great country never could be given over to the hands of freebooters; but at the same time, when he considered the wealth of our great cities, it was not utterly impossible that a mob, exacerbated and infuriated by dishonest leaders, might have inflicted calamities that might have led to a crisis which the ingenuity and good fortune of years could scarcely have effaced.

The importance of the Government having this in their own hands was perceptible, when they looked at Any Great Crisis, such as that in 1825, when the demand on the Bank of England for coin was so tremendous.

1882 to 1927

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over 45 years

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Everyone who knew the Irish people knew also that the middle classes exercised very little power indeed when Any Great Crisis came, and when power should be used.

I am convinced that if we 1877 only treat our Colonies rightly, we have in them a fund of strength which would enable us at Any Great Crisis to face even the nations of the world.

And if, at Any Great Crisis it meant the ascent of Golgotha, the Cross would once more lead straight to the Garden of the Resurrection".

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