Any Serious Crisis

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1872 - 1997

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1872 to 1949

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over 77 years

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In his judgment, such habits were the best antidote against national selfishness and isolation, and kept the nation's head clear, its heart warm, and its nerves strung to meet Any Serious Crisis with wisdom and daring.

If there is really Any Serious Crisis either with regard to unemployment or Ireland, it is open to any forty Members of this House to secure the Adjournment of the House, and get what is equivalent to a Tuesday evening on any day of the week for the discussion of that crisis.

Call it politics or what we like, the sooner we realise the importance of trying to examine the needs of a community and producing according to the requirements, the sooner we ease the possibility of Any Serious Crisis.

1961 to 1997

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over 36 years

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By trying to provide a little of this and a little of that to meet any possible world contingency, they are quite unable to meet Any Serious Crisis outside the N.A.T.O.

If Any Serious Crisis arose we should have to call up our emergency reserves by decree.

While we would plan in Any Serious Crisis or war to charter shipping on the worldwide market, we are very conscious that a core of suitable British flagged or owned ships, which could be used under compulsory measures and manned by UK seafarers, is important.

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