Appalling Crisis

Including: This Appalling Crisis, Present Appalling Crisis

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1847 - 2016

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1847 to 1947

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over 100 years

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The hon. Member for Coventry should have recollected that the Irish gentry were placed in most extraordinary circumstances, and should not have attempted to hold them up to scorn when, at an Appalling Crisis, they were manfully doing their duty.

While we have done these things for many years with the object of reconciling our people with the English people and reconciling the English people with our people we find now at This Appalling Crisis that by the amazing action of the Government all our acts, all our labours, all our endeavours for the whole of our lives, are practically thrown to the winds.

It is no use pretending that we are living in the prewar economic era, and that we shall not be faced with the most Appalling Crisis once our cash assets have all gone and our credit standing has been seriously reduced.

1966 to 1975

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over nine years

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It will heap deflation upon deflation, and the most Appalling Crisis will occur.

To overcome This Appalling Crisis we need new initiative to bring investment directly to those areas and conditions.

Every thinking subject of this kingdom wishes instinctively to support the sincere efforts of the Chancellor to curb inflation and to deal with the Appalling Crisis now upon us.

1983 to 1996

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over 13 years

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Positive initiatives need to be taken with the Governments of such countries to see what can be done through aid and trade and other methods to enable them to escape the Appalling Crisis that now faces them.

It is an Appalling Crisis.

In the resolution of the Present Appalling Crisis, there is no place for the ideologues of free-market economics to stand back and wring their hands in the face of the devastation.

1998 to 1999

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Members will be aware of the Appalling Crisis and famine in Sudan.

Pressure on green-field sites will not change, given the Appalling Crisis that agriculture faces, with farm incomes in the south-west - the worst affected region - predicted to be 80 per cent.

It is almost exactly a year since his appointment to his post, and I think even he would acknowledge that it has been a year of Appalling Crisis for agriculture.


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This is an Appalling Crisis.

Is not it true that, if that collection facility is removed, the cost will fall on agriculture, particularly cattle producers, who face an Appalling Crisis at present?

An Appalling Crisis has occurred.

A major marketing effort will be required to attract overseas tourists back to Britain, but, above all, people in rural Britain and in tourism businesses affected by This Appalling Crisis want action from the Government to deal with the situation.

The empressement, if I may use that word, of the Minister of Agriculture and his myrmidons in the face of an Appalling Crisis overwhelming East Anglian pig producers is, by any standards, in a class of its own.

I have already commented on the need for Members of Parliament to be able to continue to help their constituents during This Appalling Crisis.

They appear to take only a sporadic interest in the Appalling Crisis which has affected huge swathes of our countryside.

2004 to 2011

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over seven years

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It will deal with many of the concerns that hon. Members have raised today and will demonstrate that the Government are significantly scaling up their response to This Appalling Crisis.

The fact that we were out of the euro and able to depreciate our currency gave a little protection to our industry during This Appalling Crisis.

Finally, if, potentially, Gaddafi regains control of Libya, we will face the most immediate, Appalling Crisis.

It is working very quickly to try to help in This Appalling Crisis, in which 10 million people face the threat of starvation.

2012 to 2014

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The European Union is on the edge of the most Appalling Crisis - a self-inflicted crisis that many of us predicted when the euro was first conceived in the early 1990s and is now being fuelled by blindness and denial.

The central fact is this: the Appalling Crisis that happened before is happening again.

Having seen correspondence on my ministerial desk, I am struck by the generosity and desire of so many people wanting personally to see what they can do to provide support and assist in This Appalling Crisis.

The Prime Minister is in Turkey at the moment, and it is important to work with our international partners to seek to resolve This Appalling Crisis.


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We want to see children who are affected by This Appalling Crisis given help and assistance at the earliest opportunity.

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