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1964 - 2016

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1964 to 1969

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One of the results of this is, as stated in the headline to the article which Dr. Marcus wrote, that the "Cash Crisis slows hospital building".

Research and development is often one of the first casualties in a Cash Crisis in any company, and I believe that, if we could get the Government to repay to industry this £550 million at the end of six rather than 12 months, it would be a great boon.

What is extraordinary is that, to get out of This Cash Crisis, the company is having to go to the Industrial Reorganisation Corporation to borrow money.

1974 to 1977

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This Budget had a chance to do something about the Cash Crisis in industry and about industrial confidence.

The most efficient and flexible way for the Government to help in the plight of the single homeless would be to give help to the voluntary agencies facing This Cash Crisis.

The hon. Member for Bolsover (Mr. Skinner) put his finger right on the problem when he said that we are now faced with a Cash Crisis.


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It would be unacceptable to us to be faced with inadequate provisions leading to a Cash Crisis.


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When 61 per cent of industry is working at low capacity, and when large and small companies are facing a Major Cash Crisis, I ask the Secretary of State whether this is the time to bring in a Bill of this nature.

If there is a Cash Crisis in British agriculture later this year, will the Minister say now that he would personally advocate a further devaluation of the green pound?

The directors of Larkfold Holdings had Rolls-Royces, when the company was in a Cash Crisis.

In the light of the answers to those questions will he say how much the financial institutions in Britain will invest abroad rather than in British industry,which is already suffering from a Serious Cash Crisis?


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Is not the Minister aware that the Cash Crisis facing British Rail is now fairly desperate?

As we know, the NHS is suffering from an Acute Cash Crisis.

In Committee we talked at some length about what would happen if British Airways ran into a Cash Crisis.

There may be an opportunity for change on the EEC to emerge from another miracle - the Cash Crisis that will emerge in the CAP in about a year's time.

The CAP faces two crises - a Cash Crisis and a production crisis.

Clearly, the boards are suffering from a Cash Crisis as a result of Government policies.


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British Rail has said that if the Cash Crisis continues there will be widespread line closures.

The results of the Flowers report have been compounded by the increases in overseas students' fees, which have created an Immediate Cash Crisis for many postgraduate teaching institutions.

Even before we started the financial proceedings of this year and the negotiations on grants, Scottish local authorities were in the midst of a Cash Crisis.

1982 to 1984

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Mr. De Lorean and other directors of the company met me yesterday to tell me that, although a number of promising lines of discussion with private sector parties interested in investing in the business had been opened up, none could be brought to a successful conclusion in time to cope with the Immediate Cash Crisis.

The Cash Crisis in the Community has been signalled by successive British Ministers in several of the Community's Councils for many years.

Mr. McQuarrie asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether, in view of the Cash Crisis in the European Community, he is confident that grant-aid will be forthcoming from the European Community to match the recently announced Government aid for restructuring the United Kingdom fishing industry.

It also says that sound financial management is as much a key to averting the EC's Cash Crisis as raising the ceiling on the EC budget measures.


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But I regret to have to advise my hon. Friend this evening that in November last year, as a result of the district's Cash Crisis, those plans were put on ice, to be shelved until 1993.

Will the Cash Crisis which threatens these valuable - and now legally designated valuable - funds be solved in their favour, or in favour of a capitulation to the German farm lobby?

Does my right hon. Friend agree that the real strength of the economy is shown by the fact that, with falling oil prices, we have not had a Cash Crisis or a sterling crisis and we have not had recourse to the International Monetary Fund, as we would have had under a Labour Government?

Is he aware of the growing Cash Crisis in East Midlands Arts, which is a development agency having difficulty sustaining its present level of support for the arts in Nottingham?

As every reform in the CAP to date, including milk quotas, has simply resulted in more subsidies and more production, does the Prime Minister agree that the only way to solve the Cash Crisis and save British agriculture from inevitable disaster is to seek the repatriation of agricultural policy from the Community to member states?

We know that there is a Cash Crisis which is probably more serious now than it has ever been.


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An unnamed EEC official was quoted in another paper as saying:To some people it looks as if Britain has deliberately engineered a Cash Crisis so that the EC will be forced to take drastic measures - unfortunately, it falls to Belgium to deal with the crisis.

Will the Leader of the House arrange for an early debate, preferably before the recess, on the Cash Crisis faced by Edinburgh university and other Edinburgh further education establishments?

The Secretary of State presumably believes that a Cash Crisis can be averted by deferring projects and spreading their cost over a longer period.

Will the Leader of the House find time for an urgent debate on the Cash Crisis at Edinburgh's hospitals - in particular, the Royal Edinburgh hospital in Morningside where the doctors, nurses and other staff are under tremendous pressure, and where patients are suffering considerable hardship and their relatives considerable distress and worry?

Bearing in mind that matters have become even worse in the west midlands, particularly in Shropshire where a Real Cash Crisis is facing the Health Service, will he bow to those requests by arranging an early debate?

Given the Cash Crisis across the nation that I have quoted and the effect in real terms of that cash crisis of which I have told the House, I beg the Minister to recognise that there is a problem, even if he is prepared to do nothing about it.

The Cash Crisis affecting the district health authority in Coventry was first revealed in its most recent detail to a meeting at the beginning of April which was attended by my hon. Friend the Member for Coventry, North-West (Mr. Robinson), the hon. Member for Coventry, South-West (Mr. Butcher) and me.


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Before he departs from the subject of public expenditure, which apparently is to be dealt with by his colleague, does the Chancellor take on board the sort of feelings that have been expressed up and down the country in the past few months and certainly in the past few weeks, which is that, given the Cash Crisis in the National Health Service, if there is a choice between more money for the NHS and other essential services or continuing tax cuts, it should be the former that has priority?

Will he bear in mind that because of the Cash Crisis in our chest, kidney dialysis andacute services, with up to four-year waiting lists, we want the Chancellor to use all the resources not further to enrich the already wealthy, but to save the Health Service for our people?

According to that statement, as a result of the Cash Crisis, the Government will not consider forgoing tax cuts in the Budget for the top people in the country, nor will they forgo changes in capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Decisions should be taken in the overall context of the various departmental expenditure responsibilities of central Government and as part of a long-term coherent pattern of decisions in both capital and revenue expenditure, and not as a short-term expedient to meet the Cash Crisis that is hitting the Health Service.

Lest it be thought that central Birmingham has fallen into neglect because its former chairman is now concentrating on the affairs of southern Derbyshire, I can also quote from last month's Burton Daily Mail, which reports:Local health chiefs are predicting the Worst Cash Crisis in the history of Southern Derbyshire Health Authority … The only hope may be to get out the prayer mats", according to the district treasurer.


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The Government set out on their review last winter, not, as the Secretary of State claimed, because they wanted to maintain the best in the NHS, but because the NHS was in a Cash Crisis.

There is a Cash Crisis in Doncaster, and the closure of Fullerton will result in several premature deaths.

It broadcasts in 37 languages around the world and is at risk at a time when we should be thinking of expansion - and all because there is a Cash Crisis.

Next time the Secretary of State meets the general secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress, he will find him, like so many other people in Scotland, deeply concerned at the paralysis that has hit the Scottish Development Agency due to the Cash Crisis that it faces.

Because of the Cash Crisis, the social services department is having to take on the nursing requirementsof the mentally confused and the elderly ambulant, in growing numbers.

Instead, they have been the result of an Immediate Cash Crisis.


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I should like to remind the House of the genesis of the Bill - in a Cash Crisis in the National Health Service.

Finally, on Network SouthEast, the CTCC says:Because of N.S.E.'s Cash Crisis, things are now going to get even worse.

Unless the Government step in now, the Cash Crisis in health authorities will spell the destruction of family planning clinics and lead to more unwanted pregnancies.

Some health authorities have tried to take such steps, despite the Current Cash Crisis.

For probably the only occasion in my speech, I must touch on the usual allegations that the hon. Member for Peckham made about a Cash Crisis, cuts in clinics, and so on.

On 29 March, The Health Service Journal said: "Cash Crisis scuppers HA development plans".

It is essential that the Government do not allow the National Health Service to get into Another Cash Crisis.

The purpose of the debate is to seek a solution or at least an easement of the Cash Crisis in which the Housing Corporation and housing associations now find themselves.

Will the Leader of the House arrange an early debate on the Cash Crisis facing the education service?

A small scheme, nevertheless, sums up the hardships and disappointments suffered on the ground because of the Cash Crisis.

The fact that Lothian is facing a Cash Crisis does not arise from provision for pay, which is equal for all health boards in Scotland.

Is the Leader of the House aware that last night, following a Cash Crisis, at a meeting held in secret without proper consultation, it was decided to close one in 10 of the beds at King's College hospital in south London?

Will the Minister confirm that the Cash Crisis in Newcastle Royal Victoria infirmary and the bed closures are part and parcel of a softening-up exercise to enable the infirmary to opt out easily next year?

We see our proud universities, with their ancient traditions, facing a Real Cash Crisis, wondering whether they will be able to continue to offer the courses that they wish to our young people and to those who wish to return to education later in life.

Given the Current Cash Crisis, we need some assurances from the Minister about whether that work can proceed if the Bill is timetabled and given Royal Assent.

Will the right hon. Gentleman arrange, as part of that statement, for an urgent investigation of the Cash Crisis faced by the Bradford Cyrenians, which is threatening their ability to help the poor and homeless in Bradford?


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The Cash Crisis is another aspect of this issue.

This year's Cash Crisis is a symptom of more fundamental problems.

I challenge the Minister to demonstrate today that the planned cuts in staff and services will not further undermine confidence in London Underground, lead to a further drop in ridership and yet Another Cash Crisis.

Does he deny that this measure too is related to the Cash Crisis?


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Many hospitals and health authorities, not least in my constituency, face an Acute Cash Crisis, which might lead to the closure of operating theatres and surgical wards.


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Accident and emergency services in Edinburgh were centralised in the Royal infirmary following the Cash Crisis in 1990.

Clearly, there continues to be a Major Cash Crisis.

Is not the reality behind the retention of political honours - the most corrupt section - that he cannot afford to get rid of them because of the Tory party's Cash Crisis?

The Sunday Sun, the local Sunday newspaper on Tynesicle, carried the story under the headline:A bid too far by debt-hit Swan's Cash Crisis forced yard to jack up offer says MP".

There is a Cash Crisis, with a £100 million gap between what is needed in London and what is available.

1994 to 1995

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There was then the Cash Crisis of the winter of 1987–88, when the previous Prime Minister was forced on one of the few occasions during her premiership to back down in the face of public pressure.

The figures for council spending which the Secretary of State has just announced will deepen the Cash Crisis already hitting Scottish local government.

There is no question of the NHS being underfunded, nor is there any so-called Cash Crisis.

Terms such as "Cash Crisis" abound.


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No doubt my hon. Friend, like me, will have received letters from constituents who are intimately and directly concerned with the Cash Crisis.

The other hospital in the city announced a few days later that it would close a quarter of its acute paediatric beds because of a Cash Crisis.

A headline in The Guardian at the beginning of October, "Hospitals in Cash Crisis bar many elderly", triggered a mass of reports in the press and on the radio and television to the effect that Hillingdon hospital was no longer admitting people over 75.

He is right, and I know a good example of how they respond quickly—an article in my local paper, saying: "Cash Crisis axes more ops … City Hospital and QMC' — Queen's medical centre— "are forced to postpone routine operations".

That figure, however, has produced a current-year spending Cash Crisis in the NHS, with an astonishing one in three trusts in Wales in deficit at the halfway point this year.


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The report stated:Last Friday Education Secretary Gillian Shephard washed her hands of the Cash Crisis, claiming the local authority had 'perfectly adequate and substantial funds' to spend on schools.

My preferred solution to the Cash Crisis in universities is for students to contribute to tuition fees, through a graduate tax of some description.

The Cash Crisis is primarily the result of the accumulated effect of long-term underfunding coupled with the failure of the Scottish Office to meet the costs of reorganisation or provide the resources necessary to meet the new statutory obligations that it has placed on local authorities.

The Cash Crisis and the inadequacy of present funding of the health service in Northern Ireland received a positive response from the Minister exactly a week ago when Ulster's cash-hit health service received additional funding of £5.

While Liberal Democrats understand the predicament that the Minister has been placed in by the Chancellor's commitment to the previous Government's tax and spend proposals for the next two years, he must understand the outrage felt on our Benches when we see what may be as much as a £1 billion subsidy paid to the private sector when our universities are experiencing the Worst Cash Crisis in their history.

Does the right hon. Gentleman accept that the settlement fails to tackle the Cash Crisis in our schools?

1999 to 2000

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Last winter's Cash Crisis, to which an increasingly disconcerted Secretary of State admitted, combined with the waiting lists fiasco, which was a problem entirely of the Government's own making, started to test the public's patience.

Such was the Cash Crisis faced by the club several years ago, I had to appeal to my right hon. Friend the Member for Fylde (Mr. Jack) when he was Financial Secretary to the Treasury for a stay of execution.

Of course, families that have savings have some protection against the problems that people run into when they get into debt or when a Cash Crisis arises.


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Many noble Lords have, in my opinion quite rightly, criticised the Government for their failure to address countryside issues and for their lack of understanding and appreciation of the Cash Crisis and lack of reserves that are aggravating this particular disease crisis.

My Lords, is the Minister aware that the members of the Federation of Zoological Gardens of Great Britain--namely, the zoos and wildlife parks, which receive somewhere in the region of 13 million visits from tourists each year--will, according to that federation, be in a Cash Crisis by April of this year?

Audiology services in the UK are facing a Cash Crisis that threatens to undermine recent embryonic improvements before they bear fruit.

Worried health chiefs are to write to MPs about a Cash Crisis which is forcing them to plan closures of 40 hospital beds and make cuts in services amounting to millions of pounds".


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That is the real reason for the Cash Crisis.

Only yesterday, Anne Welsh, the new president of the Secondary Heads Association, said that this year's Cash Crisis would have repercussions for many years.

If the situation is as good as the Minister makes it out to be, why is it that people like the head of the Secondary Heads Association, Ann Welsh, are saying that this year's Cash Crisis will have repercussions for many years to come.

Six months on, however, nothing has been done, and the Highways Agency tells us that it is very unlikely that anything will be done in 2004 because of the Cash Crisis in Kent and Sussex.


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Councils have an Immediate Cash Crisis, and these factors will immediately add to that crisis.

Local headlines read, "Schools in Cash Crisis".

Objective 1 is in a Cash Crisis.


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Here in the UK, as the Minister will know, the headline of the Times yesterday was "Hospitals shut wards as Cash Crisis bites".

West Suffolk hospital also faces a Cash Crisis and is planning to close beds.

I refer the Committee to the announcement only this week of the swingeing cut of £1 million that casts a shadow over Wordsworth country, and to the statement that the Lake District faces the biggest ever reduction in services; park authorities warn Ministers over the Cash Crisis.

The hon. Member for Wyre Forest (Dr. Taylor) talked about proposals to ease the Cash Crisis by cutting the number of emergency hospital admissions for chronic illnesses, but I wonder whether that is a sensible move.

As it is, we have a Cash Crisis.

We have a Cash Crisis.


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Will the Minister tell the House whether graduate unemployment and consequent cuts to patient care are due to shoddy work force planning or short-sighted reaction to the Massive Cash Crisis engendered in the NHS by the Government?

We remain deeply concerned that this Labour Government's basic reconfiguration of acute hospital services remains rooted in their desperate scramble to mitigate an NHS Cash Crisis of their own incompetent making - a problem that will intensify when the European working time directive comes into force - rather than in meeting the needs of the English public.

The Cash Crisis has a consequence.

I point out to the Minister that the backdrop to our discussion is a serious worsening of economic outlook and certainly a looming Cash Crisis for the Chancellor.


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The UK has run into a Cash Crisis that is second to none, and we must ask where the funds will come from.

Research is always the first thing to be struck off when organisations and agencies have a Cash Crisis.

It has been reported that thousands of cases of children who are portrayed in pornographic pictures and are at risk of abuse are not being investigated properly because of a Cash Crisis.

2010 to 2011

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On24 January The Sunday Times published an article with the following headline: "Universities slash places in Cash Crisis; A funding squeeze will mean thousands of would-be students missing out".

As with a business in a Cash Crisis, we need to shore up the profit and loss account by reducing waste, as the Government have so quickly done.

Is the Secretary of State surprised, therefore, that yesterday's NHS Confederation survey of managers found that just 13% of managers thought that supporting GP commissioning was the highest priority, compared with 63%, who thought that the Cash Crisis was the highest priority?

Thirdly - a problem for the present day - if people are not contributing now, there will soon be a Cash Crisis in those pension pots, which is something I do not think has been fully addressed.


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The truth is that the Cash Crisis in the NHS is not the fault of migrants; it is the fault of Ministers.

As I was saying, the truth is that the Cash Crisis in the NHS is the fault not of migrants, but of Ministers.

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