Childhood Obesity Crisis

Including: Crisis of Childhood Obesity, Crisis in Childhood Obesity

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2007 - 2016

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2007 to 2015

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Surely the Minister would agree that we have a Crisis of Childhood Obesity, and that we could give children an opportunity of playing out after school of which they are now deprived.

We are facing a Crisis in Childhood Obesity.

The reason is quite simple: it is clear to me that we have an immediate and growing Childhood Obesity Crisis in our country.


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When the Government's childhood obesity strategy is published, I hope that there will be significant mention of the benefits that school food, especially universal free school meals, can have on a child's health, and of how it can be used to address the growing Childhood Obesity Crisis.

The problem gets worse as children get older and the figures are so worrying that if we just stand still, the Crisis of Childhood Obesity will continue.

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