International Energy Crisis

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1973 - 1974

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It seems to me and it will seem to many in the mining industry and the mining communities - the two should be put together - that the Government are playing party politics with this issue in a way which is more serious than the suggestion that some miners' leaders would like to see the Government destroyed 7 he Government are seeking to establish a smokescreen, a cover-up, an excuse, because of the International Energy Crisis and their own serious economic situation.

There is another developing situation of which the Government must have been aware for a long time, and I refer to the International Energy Crisis.

There are many other industrialists who can understand the International Energy Crisis but cannot understand why there should be an unnecessary national energy crisis at the same time.


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I beg to move,That this House, recognising that an International Energy Crisis has come on top of an acute national crisis, condemns Her Majesty's Government for its economic mismanagement which has led to the largest balance of payments deficit in our history, to massive inflation which the Government has done little to check, and to deepening divisions in our society ; and believes that policies of social justice and much greater equality of wealth and incomes are essential to provide the basis on which the country can unite to overcome its economic difficulties.

The right hon. Gentleman must have been in dreamland if he did not realise that the programmes he mentions are amongst those which we hoped to carry out before the International Energy Crisis and events at home caused this to be done.

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