Crisis in the Sense

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1948 - 2004

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1948 to 1961

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over 13 years

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but there was a Crisis in the Sense that a very real war of nerves was being fought in Berlin by the Russians.

The Chancellor was at pains to indicate that there was no Crisis in the Sense of a dramatic crisis, with things coming to a full stop.

This is not a Crisis in the Sense that the Berlin issue could be said to be a crisis; nor is it a crisis reached in an illness which can and must be overcome.

1962 to 2004

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over 42 years

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There is a Crisis in the Sense that producers may be facing difficulties and, above all, consumers may have to pay a higher price.

It may not be a Crisis in the Sense of the crisis that faced the former Prime Minister, in the autumn of 1978, when he returned from the Caribbean and asked, "What crisis"?

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