Considerable Crisis

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1949 - 2011

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1949 to 1953

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over four years

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As the House will remember - as the House should remember - before Marshall Aid came in the next year that was a very Considerable Crisis indeed.

Before you reply, Mr. Speaker, may I indicate that there is a very Considerable Crisis going on at the present moment in the fishing industry, and one or two of us on this side of the House are very anxious to refer briefly to that subject; it seemed an appropriate day to do so.

In view of that position, and in view of the Considerable Crisis looming in the film industry owing to uncertainty about the future of the Eady scheme and of declining attendances at the cinemas, would the hon. Gentleman make a break with tradition and anticipate the Budget statement?

1960 to 1966

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over six years

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Is the Minister aware that we share his hopes about the future of the Federation, but that the rather polite note of his statement conceals the fact that the future of federation in the West Indies is drifting into a state of Considerable Crisis?

We have hire-purchase legislation before the House at a moment of Considerable Crisis within the industry, particularly in the matter to which the Amendment would apply.

At the moment it faces a Considerable Crisis.

1969 to 1971

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Yet the company, in its own newspaper, explained to its workers that there is a Considerable Crisis and that basically it is a cash crisis.

This is an intolerable delay, since the independent television companies face a Considerable Crisis and there has been a drop in standards.

How are the Government's new benefits, so called, helping the current low-profit industries such as machine tools or - dare I say - the electronics industry, which is in Considerable Crisis at the moment, not just in the West of Scotland, as evidenced by the Plessey problem, but far more generally?

1972 to 1977

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May I ask him, secondly - he will understand that I must ask this question tentatively because we have not seen the regulations - whether the Government have any intention of using the Armed Forces in a situation which might involve them in moving through picket lines, and whether he is aware of the Considerable Crisis this would bring, granted the history of the coal mining industry?

We are in a Considerable Crisis, and the needs of the situation demand that steps should be taken.

It the Prime Minister is considering the possibility of dissolution of the Scottish Assembly, but it is objected to by the Opposition in the Assembly, who, let us say, are Conservatives and who then encourage the House of Lords to take a different view from the Government, one is immediately in a Considerable Crisis at Westminster.

1978 to 1992

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But all those industries - steel, textile, shipbuilding, manufacturing and mining - are now in a state of Considerable Crisis.

I think that the BBC will face a Considerable Crisis even if it gets the cuts that it wants.

We would all welcome changes to the leasehold system to help leaseholders, but that appears to be almost the only reference to housing, although housing in Wales, and in many inner cities, is in Considerable Crisis.

1994 to 2004

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over 10 years

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Religious education in state schools is in a Considerable Crisis because we do not have enough full-time RE teachers.

There will be a Considerable Crisis if that trust disappears.

In many cases the rules do not work, and the system is in Considerable Crisis, but there are no rules that apply across the country.


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This is a body in Considerable Crisis.

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