Crisis in British Guiana

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1953 - 1964

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1953 to 1963

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Just over a week ago we debated the constitutional Crisis in British Guiana.

I wish to say something about the West Indies, because since the Crisis in British Guiana, in 1953, we in this House have had little chance of debating West Indian affairs.

Whilst appreciating the end of the general strike and wishing to endorse the congratulation of Mr. Willis, may I ask the hon. Gentleman whether it is not the case that the Crisis in British Guiana is much more than the general strike?


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Could he confirm that Southern Rhodesia will be one of the subjects discussed and, if so, whether the Crisis in British Guiana will also be on the agenda?

While recognising the need for the Governor to take prompt action during the Crisis in British Guiana, may I ask whether the Leader of the House can tell us what has happened to the Statutory Instrument, which does not appear to be laid on the Table and is not available in the Library, concerning the state of emergency in British Guiana?

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