Crisis in Germany

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1920 - 2005

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1920 to 1931

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Crisis in Germany is likely to affect the matter?

The hon. Gentleman said, and the statement was repeated by others, that Germany is reducing taxation, Germany is not reducing taxation, Germany is increasing taxation heavily and in the last 18 months there has been more than one ministerial Crisis in Germany because of the increased taxes which have been proposed.

Sir N. GRATTAN-DOYLE asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department whether he has any information which will show what has been the effect of the present financial Crisis in Germany on the export trade from Great Britain to that country?

1934 to 1946

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If by any rash move we—I will not say cause—but fail to prevent economic Crisis in Germany, that crisis may spread and involve Holland and Switzerland, whose finances and industries are so closely bound with those of Germany.

I understand that the Inter-Governmental Committee as it is called, before the recent Crisis in Germany, estimated that there would be something like 500,000 Jews to be disposed of, and they planned that there should be the emigration of 100,000 a year for each of the five years.

We cannot go on dragging on indefinitely, with uncertainty and indecision as a major cause of the present and increasing Crisis in Germany.


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There is no financial Crisis in Germany, but the essential supplies are not there - food, boots, clothes and cooking utensils - and I am not the least reassured by the hon. Gentleman that there will be a 100 per cent.

Not merely did they seem to show insufficient recognition that there was a grave economic Crisis in Germany, but they showed little recognition of the fact that there is a gave economic situation in this country, and that the first test of our foreign policy must be how it assists the economic situation in this country.

I believe that the Chancellor of the Duchy - and few people would be more convincing - should go to America to explain how absolutely vital it was to avoid this Crisis in Germany, and to get through next winter without disaster.

It was announced in this House, and we were told that one of the major advantages of this agreement was that it would solve many of the economic problems in Germany and lift the danger of a food Crisis in Germany.

1949 to 1963

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, and that this is likely to provoke inflation and a serious industrial Crisis in Germany?

In June, 1931, the financial Crisis in Germany reached such a pitch that a moratorium was declared on reparation payments - I refer, of course, to the Hoover Moratorium - and the Seven-Power Conference in London the following month recommended that steps be taken to maintain the volume of credits already extended to Germany.

He went on to outline a programme for dealing with the Berlin and German situation, giving what amounted to proposals for creating a Cuban Crisis in Germany and rolling back the Russians in East Germany.

2001 to 2005

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My grandfather regretted to his dying day that he had rather looked down on politics, as had many others of his generation, as that was the vacuum that, along with the discredited Weimar republic and the great economic Crisis in Germany in the 1920s, let in, to a large extent, national socialism.

An economic Crisis in Germany could give rise to unpleasant politics and if we do not consider that we may have problems.

We politicians have just watched from a distance the political Crisis in Germany, much of which is connected to the fundamental weaknesses and difficulties in the German economy.

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