Security Crisis

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1982 - 2015

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1982 to 2002

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If there is a Security Crisis during the transfer, some other force, some international United Nations force, is better able to meet that problem than a British force which would be interpreted as being there, not to deal with civil disturbance but to enforce partition.

A Security Crisis looms in Northern Ireland today and there is a real danger that it could assume horrific proportions.

Not least among those difficulties, of course, are the political situation and the deterioration of the Security Crisis in the middle east.

They are: "HIV/AIDs must be viewed as a Security Crisis with the potential to affect peoples, states and the international community in a similar fashion to more traditional forms of conflict .

2003 to 2005

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As I said, it is clear that the current system is not working and that a Crisis in Security of supply could be looming.

Security Crisis

Then the emperor's new clothes, which are largely hidden by the TA blanket, will be revealed, and the Government will have a Real Security Crisis to address but nothing to address it with.

2009 to 2011

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Any claims that this clause will improve the United Kingdom's security sounds rather unlikely given that this measure was not deemed necessary even in the Security Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s.

There are two types of Security Crisis.

The Security Crisis very much relates to the presence of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has a significant presence there, as the right hon. Gentleman said.


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I am not going to say much about decarbonisation, but when you put those issues alongside the decommissioning of existing capacity, there is a Crisis of Security, as the noble Lord, Lord Oxburgh, pointedly set out.


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However, given the acknowledged weakness of the present Ukrainian Government, will the Foreign Secretary confirm whether, in his judgment, the IMF will be able to respond in a timescale that avoids the Present Security Crisis being rapidly followed by a financing crisis in Kiev?

Does the Prime Minister agree that the EU, at the leaders' summit tomorrow, must show that it is up to the task of dealing with the Biggest Security Crisis on this continent since Kosovo?

My Lords, I strongly support the actions that have been proposed by Her Majesty's Government to deal with the growing Security Crisis in Iraq, and I am delighted that my Front Bench has today issued its unequivocal support for that policy.


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We face a Crisis in Security.

We are at a Crisis of Security, and I endorse all noble Lords who have said that we have to turn our attention to our defences and to our organisation.

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