Crisis in My Constituency

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1966 - 2015

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1966 to 1972

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over six years

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But in the mounting Crisis in My Constituency and in other Scottish islands there was no sense of urgency in the Scottish Office, and no Minister in the North.

I know only of the Crisis in My Constituency on both lowland and highland farms, and the effect that it has had on both pastoral and arable farmers.

The fact that this is urgent can best be exemplified by reference to the recent Crisis in My Constituency when 770 disabled people were in severe difficulties because of the fuel crisis and because the social work department in Glasgow was inadequately staffed to deal with it.


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Special needs education is in serious Crisis in My Constituency and is affecting all children.


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The trust system in Scotland is falling so sadly down that there is a Crisis in My Constituency.

It is with some sadness, therefore, that I have to say that it has made me very angry that no fewer than five times in the past year he has refused to meet me to discuss what threatens to become a Crisis in My Constituency in the north-east.

Is not the real problem exemplified by the Crisis in My Constituency that it was not a case of fraud and theft - and no one is alleging that it was - but a case of people using public money as though it were their own and of a public institution severing contracts using a secrecy clause, about which I agree with my right hon. Friend, to make people clam up and limit their ability to speak openly and say that there is a problem?

1998 to 1999

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We hope that there will not be many more victims, but the fact remains that the Conservatives have created an awful Crisis in My Constituency and throughout rural Britain.

Given the nature of the Crisis in My Constituency and elsewhere, would you consider extending the debate beyond 7 pm to allow those hon. Members to speak?

There is a school places Crisis in My Constituency.


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There is a real Crisis in My Constituency.


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Before I discuss the practical handling of the Crisis in My Constituency, I express the hope that the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has listened carefully to the comments of my hon. Friends about the overwhelming importance in the medium to long term - once this horrible event has passed - of finding out why the outbreak occurred.

Although I welcome part of the Minister's statement, does he really understand the true depth and extent of the fear, despondency and Crisis in My Constituency?

The real Crisis in My Constituency, and with the local authority with which I worked, is that so many parents want their children to be normal and to enjoy the same opportunities as other children.

2002 to 2013

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over 11 years

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The end of Lucent and Dyson is a severe Crisis in My Constituency.

I have been asking since May, when I was elected, what the Minister will do to deal with the Crisis in My Constituency.

The Budget does nothing to support poorer people or people on middle incomes and it does nothing to help people in Crisis in My Constituency.

There is a cost-of-living Crisis in My Constituency and throughout the country.

2014 to 2015

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Allow me to paint a picture of the Crisis in My Constituency.

He, my right hon. Friendthe Member for Havant (Mr Willetts) and the leader of Kent county council were instrumental in helping us to deal with a major Crisis in My Constituency after the announcement that Pfizer was going to pull out of Sandwich.

People in Crisis in My Constituency have been left without access to a local NHS bed.

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