Teacher Supply Crisis

Including: Crisis in Teacher Supply, Crisis of Teacher Supply

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1961 - 2014

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Behind all the right hon. Gentleman's flamboyancy, there is a Crisis of Teacher Supply.

We are being faced with an aggravating Crisis in Teacher Supply.

I am bitterly disappointed, because although we have raised this matter time and time again, we cannot get a constructive and positive approach from the right hon. Gentleman to this Crisis in Teacher Supply.


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It is less than twelve months since we debated the Crisis in Teacher Supply in this Committee.

No one can disguise the fact that we are facing an alarming Crisis in Teacher Supply.

Is he aware that in the meantime the shortage of teachers has become worse and that what we want is some policy of Her Majesty's Government to deal with the acute Crisis of Teacher Supply and also a favourable reply on the Crowther Report?

I do not want to repeat the figures given by my hon. Friend, but the situation is particularly grave when we remember that during the next few years the schools will be facing a Crisis of Teacher Supply against which the Government have taken no steps to safeguard them.

1963 to 1986

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I am sure that the Minister appreciates that there is a very serious Crisis in Teacher Supply.

We need extraordinary measures now, though it is late in the day, to face the Crisis in Teacher Supply.

It is common ground that there is a major Crisis of Teacher Supply in mathematics, physics and technology.


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The reality today is a Teacher Supply Crisis.

When my hon. Friend the Member for Blackburn (Mr. Straw) described the position as a Crisis in Teacher Supply, the Secretary of State was playing with words when he said that he would not quite go along with that, but teacher shortages in certain areas and certain subjects are a matter of major concern.

Can he explain how a place as popular as University college, Cardiff, which could make a major contribution to solving the Teacher Supply Crisis, has been cut off and will be stone dead in a year's time?


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They are already causing aggravation for teachers and that is why we have a growing Crisis of Teacher Supply in the United Kingdom.

There is a Crisis in Teacher Supply.

We have repeatedly heard about the Crisis in Teacher Supply as it affects many areas in England and Wales.

1998 to 2001

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I believe that the Select Committee has advanced some radical but practical ideas to head off the growing Crisis in Teacher Supply.

We are told that there is a Crisis in Teacher Supply, but it could be that schools are guilty of ageism.

There is an immediate Crisis in Teacher Supply, but there is also a crisis in the quality of education which our hard-pressed teachers can provide.

Mr Dunford, the General Secretary of the Secondary Heads Association, said in December that: "The Teacher Supply Crisis is having a substantial effect on the education of thousands of pupils in secondary schools.


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Secondary work experience placements have been scrapped; practical assessments have been removed; young apprenticeships have been devalued; and a Teacher Supply Crisis looms in the STEM subjects so critical for this country's future prospects.

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