Crisis in National Affairs

Including: Crisis in Our National Affairs, Crisis in the National Affairs

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1854 - 1961

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1854 to 1918

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over 64 years

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It was only on rare occasions, and after a decisive Crisis in the National Affairs, that such a solemn thanksgiving should be ordered.

In his opinion, the introduction 742 of this measure indicated no ordinary Crisis in Our National Affairs.

The methods adopted are forced upon us to a large extent by the pressure of the present Crisis in Our National Affairs, but there should be a careful husbanding of the rights and privileges of this House in matters of taxation and of personal burden upon the taxpayer; and, further, there should be a most open declaration of all dealings in matters of business.

1928 to 1961

three mentions

over 33 years

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It has not enlightened us to any great extent, except in the one case of the right hon. Gentleman who evidently looks upon any increase above £260,000,000 as something resembling a Crisis in Our National Affairs.

It is not using the language of exaggeration to say that we are today at a Crisis in Our National Affairs.

The contraction of business is not due to some great urgency of Government business or to some great Crisis in National Affairs.

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