Crisis in Primary Schools

Including: Crisis in the Primary Schools, Crisis in Our Primary Schools

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1947 - 1997

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1947 to 1962

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over 15 years

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There seems a real danger of shortage among women teachers, and a real danger of Crisis in Our Primary Schools.

Far greater efforts are needed to increase the supply of teachers, both to avert what may well be a grave Crisis in the Primary Schools in the coming year and to implement the Crowther Report on secondary education.

I mentioned earlier the coming Crisis in Primary Schools.

There is the immediate Crisis in Primary Schools, the forthcoming crisis in secondary schools, and the crisis which is now upon us - because the post-war bulge is now reaching university level - in the universities.

1980 to 1997

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over 17 years

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In addition, we must face up to the mounting Crisis in Primary Schools, where children are mostvulnerable to the problems of poor nutrition if they do not get proper meals.

When Ministers deal with the White Paper that they are to publish, they will have to address the present Crisis in Our Primary Schools.

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