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2008 - 2016

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The Prime Minister's fiscal rules have failed the practicality test, because just as no sensible set of fiscal rules would suggest that Government borrowing and net public debt should not rise at a time of economic slowdown, so no sensible fiscal rule would allow us to arrive at such a time with borrowing bumping up close to the ceiling, leaving no room for counter-cyclical responses to the economic downturn and no room to help hard-pressed families and businesses, never mind for any additional measures that may be necessary to deal with the Financial Sector Crisis.


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What started as a Crisis in the Financial Sector continues to infect the wider economy.

Given the Crisis in the Financial Sector, the trusted brand that is the Post Office is a good way of providing such services to local communities across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Of course, such comparisons are freely drawn by many commentators when trying to analyse the current recession and Crisis in the Financial Sector.

2010 to 2016

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I am sure the Secretary of State would agree that the Crisis in the Financial Sector was especially detrimental to the economic stability of Scotland.

If noble Lords read - as I did recently - Swimming with Sharks, which is about the 2008 Crisis in the Financial Sector, they will discover something very interesting about compliance.

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