Crisis in Part

Including: Crisis in This Part, Crisis in Parts, Crisis in Another Part

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1963 - 2008

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1963 to 1982

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over 19 years

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At any time some other Crisis in Another Part of the world may require that this kind of operation be carried out.

The Crisis in Part is of world proportions but the factors that, in countries broadly similar to ours, have led to anxieties deeper than anything we have seen since the end of the Second World War have been deepened in this country by the squeeze of the last Budget and the intensification of price control which followed.

No one on the Government Benches has denied that there is that Crisis in Parts of the Health Service.

1994 to 2008

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over 14 years

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Given that the Government have made special additional allocations in the past when there has been a particular Crisis in Another Part of the world, can the Minister undertake to the House that that is under active consideration and that, if necessary, such money will be forthcoming from the British Government?

It is fair to assume that imminently there will be a serious humanitarian Crisis in Parts of Lebanon.

My Lords, if I may say so, that is rather wide of the mark in relation to the recent Crisis in This Part of South America.

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