Crisis in Regard

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1890 - 2003

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1890 to 1920

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over 30 years

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I remember with great distinctness that in 1881, when the Land Bill of the Government was under discussion, there was something almost approaching a Crisis in Regard to a clause which we wished to have inserted, admitting the leaseholders to the benefit of the Act.

I feel very strongly in my own mind that we have reached a Crisis in Regard to the question of the telephone service, and if we do not now bring the question before the Government in the strongest possible way the opportunity will be lost, and the country will, at some future time, have to pay a very large sum to place itself in the position in which I desire to see it at the present moment.

One of my earliest recollections as a boy was the sight of hundreds of working men at Queen's Island being driven from their employment every time there was any sort of political Crisis in Regard to Home Rule.

1921 to 1931

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over 10 years

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Visibly, events are approaching a Crisis in Regard to the affairs of Ireland.

Now we have arrived at an equally important Crisis in Regard to the men who are on the borderline of starvation, and from that point of view it is just as important that this survey should be taken, because it is long overdue.

Is there no Crisis in Regard to shipping?

1934 to 1942

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over eight years

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Some of my colleagues were disposed to oppose the Bill yesterday, but out of respect to the appeal of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, supported by my right hon. Friend, that it is necessary that something should be done at this stage to mark the Crisis in Regard to debts owing by Germany we abstained from 979 taking any action and not from any love for the Bill.

If we were asked, all of us would have to admit that we had not made adequate preparations for the Crisis in Regard to our own small responsibilities at home and in our factories.

They would not have control of it for five minutes if I had my way, never mind what an hon. Member opposite has said about a Crisis in Regard to nationalisation.

1947 to 1955

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over eight years

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Before the Crisis in Regard to cement arose, our over-all needs in Scotland were about 63,000 tons a month.

There is, it is true, a real Crisis in Regard to infant school teaching, and, as my right hon. Friend said, we are preparing to meet this serious deficiency.

That is quite true, and, indeed, there are advertisements, but, on the whole, it would be a mistake if we were to suggest that there was a shortage or a Crisis in Regard to pilots in civil aviation today, taking the industry as a whole.

1961 to 1967

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over six years

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There is the growing problem of bus routes being curtailed, and a growing Crisis in Regard to the rates of pay of those in the passenger transport industry.

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that there are very many hon. Members on this side of the House Who would entirely agree with the Government's assertion of Western rights in this respect, but does he not also agree that the facility with which the Soviet Union can whip up a Crisis in This Regard underlines the urgency of the need to get down to negotiations about the whole question of Berlin?

Secondly, do we face a Crisis in Regard to full employment, or will the position in the economy correct itself soon?

1984 to 2002

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over 18 years

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He did well to draw attention to the imminence of the Crisis in Regard to the future of the European Parliament.

I believe that we face a greater Crisis in Regard to criminal behaviour and democratic weakness, almost failure, than we are often prepared to acknowledge.

I can say straightaway that the present Crisis in Regard to Iraq leads on to issues relating to the relationship between the moderate Arab governments and the governments of the western world.


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In society as a whole we have seen something of a Crisis in Regard to anti-social behaviour.

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