Crisis in the Herring Industry

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1934 - 1963

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1934 to 1963

three mentions

over 29 years

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The present Crisis in the Herring Industry is of unexampled gravity.

Shortly after the Commission was setup, the Crisis in the Herring Industry became very acute, and the Commission was asked to devote itself, as a matter of urgency, to the working out of some policy for the herring industry.

First, I thank you, Mr. Speaker, for this opportunity to raise the subject of the very serious Crisis in the Herring Industry Secondly, I want on behalf of the herring fishermen of Scotland and of myself to express our sympathy to my hon. Friend the Under-secretary of State for Scotland, the hon. Member for Edinburgh, West (Mr. Stodart), whose mother died so suddenly this week and who is unable, therefore, to be here today.

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