Crisis in the House

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1873 - 2015

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1873 to 1944

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over 71 years

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There was a case in 1832 when the Government of Lord Grey, after a Crisis in the House of Lords, returned to office, and returned even with augmented vigour, to pursue their task.

I think public opinion is profoundly unimpressed by the political Crisis in This House.

But what is to happen if there should be a political Crisis in This House?

1962 to 2002

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over 40 years

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It is true that the number of accidents per year has slightly decreased, but the figures are so serious that if there were a war -and I hope that there will never be one again -and at the end of twelve months 7,000 men had been killed and 343,000 wounded, there might well be a change of Government and certainly a political Crisis in This House.

Whenever there was a Crisis in the House, Marcus Fox ran round like the Tory party answer to Jonesy in "Dad's Army" shouting, "Don't panic," although he always appeared to be leading the panic.

Has not the Leader of the House been undermined by his own Whips for the second time in only a few weeks or months, and do we not therefore face a Crisis in the House of Commons?

2009 to 2015

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over six years

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First, let me highlight to the Deputy Leader of the House the Ongoing Crisis facing local newspapers.

The Prime Minister has provoked a rather phoney constitutional Crisis in This House rather than dealing with the very serious problems with his and the Chancellor's tax credit policy.

Instead of the somewhat false fury that emanates from Downing Street about some sort of constitutional Crisis in This House because of the decisions your Lordships' House took on the issue of tax credits, they should be thanking your Lordships for getting them out of a deep hole.

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