Civilian Crisis

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1999 - 2002

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The project sought to establish a Civilian Crisis intervention service working with the police, promote a law enforcement response, and develop inter-agency links to encourage consistent and co-ordinated action.


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military bodies in the European Union; and the possible establishment of a committee for Civilian Crisis management.

Lastly, is parallel progress underway in Civilian Crisis management and in the provision of seconded police forces for the follow up to necessary Petersberg task engagements?

The noble Lord was quite right on Civilian Crisis management.


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The GAC took note of progress made so far to develop Civilian Crisis management capabilities, and looked forward to the 10 May police conference to assess progress towards achievement of the concrete target for international civilian policing capabilities set at the Feira European Council.

A concrete target for European Union policing capabilities in the context of Civilian Crisis management was agreed at last year's Feira European Council.

We should note in parenthesis that there are also plans for rapid reaction mechanisms in the impressive EU programme for Civilian Crisis management, including police and other non-military deployment.

The Gothenburg European Council in June 2001 identified four areas of work for Civilian Crisis management including rule of law, policing and civil administration.


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It is also being charged with monitoring the implementation of policies already agreed and overseeing the work of the military committee, the committee for civilian aspects of Civilian Crisis management and various other working groups.

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