Complete Crisis

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1937 - 2012

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1937 to 1983

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over 46 years

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In countries such as Germany and Italy, there has been a complete ending of all civil and political liberty because the system of private property and private exploitation went down into Complete Crisis and the institutions were unable to function.

An article in the Sunday Times of 21st January entitled "Why rates will soar", discussing what it called a totally outmoded grant system which gives too little help to city areas with the greatest problems, quoted the leader of the Manchester Council as saying:Rate bills will go straight through the roof unless the Government acts in what amounts to a state of Complete Crisis.

One or two hon. Members referred to the chiropody service, which faces a Complete Crisis.

1998 to 2003

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over five years

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As all hon. Members are aware, there is a Complete Crisis whose existence only a fool would deny.

Will he please revisit that policy before the care homes sector descends into Complete Crisis?

The Government are in Complete Crisis with regard to the care home sector, in which something like 45,000 to 50,000 beds have been lost because of the bureaucracy and regulation that they have introduced.

2005 to 2012

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over seven years

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While it may not be appropriate to describe the present situation as a Complete Crisis, there could well be a crisis in the future if nothing is done.

The problem lies in the idea of acting as judge and jury and being self-serving when the whole of Europe is in a state of Complete Crisis.

"The end of boom and bust", crowed Gordon Brown as he led us deeper into the mire, but now we are facing the truth; the eurozone is in Complete Crisis, as the UK Government warned it would be in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but sadly political will overrode rational thought and argument.

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