Crisis of Administration

Including: Crisis in Administration, Crisis in the Administration

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1957 - 2014

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1957 to 1981

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I wish to submit to the Committe that, in addition to the reasons which I have already adduced for suspending the operation of the Act, there is another reason, which is that we are faced with a Crisis of Administration.

One of the main reasons I am concerned about this - I hope I shall have the support of my hon. Friend the Member for Walton on this - is that, as the right hon. Member for Ashford (Mr. Deedes) indicated, there is a serious Crisis in the Administration of the law arising from the question of the smoking of pot and the regulations which are supposed to govern it and to prevent it.

Is the Solicitor-General satisfied in all conscience with the indications from his ministerial colleague that there was no need for emergency legislation to deal with the Crisis in the Administration of justice, given the sweeping condemnation which he made of the Labour Administration, whom, he said, should have legislated from day one of the 1979 strike?

1985 to 2014

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I spoke earlier of a Crisis in the Administration of justice.

Until the NHS has a culture that is open to that sort of approach, we will always wind up with a Crisis in Administration, health care or finance that gives the pretext for triggering a TSA process.

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