Reserves Crisis

Including: Crisis in Our Reserves, Crisis of Reserves

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1956 - 1960

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1956 to 1958

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We have to remember that the recent Crisis in Our Reserves, as the Government has quite rightly reminded us, was accompanied by a moderately healthy underlying balance of payments position.

Therefore, we are in the position that, having had a Reserves Crisis with comparatively healthy underlying trade figures, we are now moving into a half-year in which we are certainly to have rather worse trade figures.

In 1957, though we had a useful surplus on current account, once again we had a Crisis of Reserves because our position as bankers was affected by the feeling of other countries that we were not fully determined to maintain the internal value of our currency.


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That would probably explain why we got into difficulties such as those we experienced in 1957 - that was largely a Reserves Crisis.

Do they really want us to involve ourselves again in the desperate sequence of shortages of labour, declining exports, lengthening delivery dates and soaring imports, ending in a Reserves Crisis?

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