Crisis of England

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1845 - 2015

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1845 to 1868

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over 23 years

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Because in the Crisis of England's destiny, the Catholic Church was unalterably true, and of its loyalty no doubt can be entertained.

But let him add, if they proved themselves unworthy of that people—if they paltered with the crisis—if they had any secret reserve in their support of that Turkish independence which was the only barrier against Russian domination, but to which, at all events, the honour and faith of England were now irretrievably committed—if their military armaments were but a parade to introduce the conditions of a dishonourable peace—then, when the prophecy of Napoleon was realised, and in the cycle of events a northern incursion had, a second time, trampled down the nations of Europe, history would record their names as those of the men, who, in the Crisis of England's destiny, betrayed the interests and greatness of their country, and with them the cause of the freedom and civilisation of the world.

There is a great deal about the Crisis in England.

1981 to 2015

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over 34 years

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As I said at the beginning of my speech, the Crisis in England is not social and economic but moral and spiritual.

While the NHS is straining every sinew to meet high standards, the public will not accept the cynical politics that demands that we call it a Crisis in England, while refusing to call it a crisis in Wales, where Labour is in charge and the problems are far worse.

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