Ultimate Crisis

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1948 - 2007

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1948 to 1980

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over 32 years

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That is the Ultimate Crisis point, and in discussing the situation in Berlin I believe it to be wrong to turn away from facing that fact.

In the eventuality of an Ultimate Crisis the Americans would not have the same interest in our preservation as we nave.

It depends, it seems to me, on whether in an Ultimate Crisis we are prepared to be wholly dependent on the United States.

2003 to 2007

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over four years

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However, the Ultimate Crisis is the underfunding of pension schemes.

It is perhaps a paradox that those who oppose this decision are often among the fiercest critics of the United States; yet, in the Ultimate Crisis, such people would leave our security wholly dependent on the credibility and resolve of the White House - or of the Élysée - and its readiness to risk everything for the sake of Britain.

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