Crisis of Magnitude

Including: Crisis of This Magnitude, Crisis of Real Magnitude, Crisis of the Magnitude, Crisis of Great Magnitude

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1863 - 2016

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1863 to 1921

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over 58 years

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The 746 fact is, that the Northern States are passing through a Crisis of the Magnitude of which they are not themselves aware.

My right hon. friend never contended, as apparently some hon. Gentlemen contend, that in the face of a Crisis of This Magnitude, and with all the perilous results connected with it, it was not the duty of those who took an interest in the question, who informed themselves as well as they could of the merits of the question and were conscious of the gravity of the issues involved, to come forward and boldly try to instruct the public on the issue at stake.

We are passing through a Crisis of Real Magnitude, and we must give a lead in these matters, and 1916 here is an occasion on which we are entitled to protest against the increase of these Supplementary Votes.

1937 to 1971

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over 34 years

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It was said that nothing but a national emergency and a Crisis of Great Magnitude would have compelled us to do it.

Here is a Crisis of Great Magnitude, and here are the Government trying hard to find a solution.

When the Government took office we inherited a situation of domestic economic Crisis of Great Magnitude.

1974 to 1982

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over eight years

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Perhaps it takes a Crisis of This Magnitude to make them realise that their interests are not so far apart after all.

People all over this land are tired of Governments coming and going, each claiming to have inherited an economic Crisis of Magnitude.

By its nature, local government is not entirely fitted to face a Crisis of This Magnitude.

None of us wants bloodshed over this most intractable problem, but none of us can flinch from that possibility in a Crisis of This Magnitude.

2007 to 2013

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over six years

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Everyone accepts that the problems in the credit market are a global phenomenon, yet only this Government appear to be mired in a Crisis of the Magnitude of Northern Rock.

As Hector Sants, former chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, succinctly put it in 2010, until the issue of culture and ethics, "is addressed we will not be able to prevent another Crisis of This Magnitude from occurring again".


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A Crisis of This Magnitude throws important light on the principal actors in the drama.

Indeed, it has been a masterclass in how not to do foreign policy and a stark lesson on what happens when we ignore a Crisis of This Magnitude.

Frankly, we do not know whether the PRA would be able to cope with a Crisis of the Magnitude of 2008 or whether indeed it would suffer from the same problems that the FSA suffered from.


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It is right that our response to a Crisis of This Magnitude is an EU-wide response.

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