Fishing Crisis

Including: Recent Fishing Crisis, Crisis in Fishing

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1976 - 2011

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1976 to 1981

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Representing as I do the port of Aberdeen, one sees so many aspects of the Fishing Crisis that I hardly know where to begin.

Secondly, we are desperately concerned about leaving London when the Fishing Crisis is as serious as it is.

It has produced a Crisis in Fishing because it has meant that fish can be imported more cheaply than our industry can catch it.

1989 to 1991

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Until now, the Government's response to the Fishing Crisis that is breaking around our heads has been pathetic.

Afterwards, there will be a debate entitled "The Crisis in Fishing".

I feel a good deal of sympathy with the thrust of the Scottish amendment, which refers to "Crisis in Fishing".

1997 to 2001

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over four years

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The right hon. and learned Member for Folkestone and Hythe (Mr. Howard) and the hon. Members for Westmorland and Lonsdale (Mr. Collins) and for Tiverton and Honiton (Mrs. Browning) claimed that a Conservative Government negotiating the Amsterdam treaty would have resolved the Fishing Crisis.

If we are to discuss and make proposals on managing the world's oceans, it is critical that we should understand the over-Fishing Crisis.

Like several other hon. Members, I waited with bated breath to hear the Tories' solution to the Fishing Crisis.


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Does the Minister share the concern of many of my constituents in fishing communities that the Copenhagen summit, which is rightly trying to expedite the enlargement of the EU, does not have the Fishing Crisis on its agenda?

As a strong supporter of the European Union and enlargement, I am finding it very difficult to explain to my constituents and people throughout the rest of Scotland who are facing the prospect of massive closure in one of our most important industries why the Fishing Crisis is not on the agenda of the Copenhagen summit.


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He wrote that Scotland was effectively insulated from the beneficial effects of EU structural funding in connection with the Fishing Crisis.

She was clearly unable to perform that role during the Recent Fishing Crisis and in regard to compensation for those suffering from hepatitis C; and I am sure Jack McConnell was delighted to know that he was consulted early when he learned of the proposal from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on Monday evening.

If the assistance had been in place when the Fishing Crisis hit our town, we might not be faced with our current difficulties, having to scramble around trying to find out where assistance might be available.

I represent a fishing constituency, and I should have thought that the Recent Fishing Crisis in Scotland might be one matter on which a Cabinet Minister would have made a decisive intervention to represent Scottish interests, but the Minister concerned did absolutely zilch for the fishing communities of Scotland.


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We need to state clearly that we have a Fishing Crisis and a conservation crisis.

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