Crisis of the Destinies

Including: Crisis in the Destinies

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1848 - 1878

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1848 to 1878

two mentions

over 30 years

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He will be sustained by the majority of this House, who cannot fail to feel that this is not a time for the indulgence of party—that in this Crisis in the Destinies of the empire, rash experiments are not to be made in any department of the State—that although the noble Lord may not be incapable of error, or may have been betrayed into mistakes, yet that, taking him for all in all, there is no man intellectually and morally better qualified to encounter great emergencies—that he is fit to cope with mighty hazards—and that England may be sure of him, whenever there shall be need of great talents and great sagacity, and when tranquil courage and indomitable determination shall be required.

We have been often told from both sides of the House that we are in a grave Crisis of the Destinies of the nation.

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