Danger Crisis

Including: Crisis of Great Danger, Crisis of Real Danger, Crisis of Danger

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1811 - 1939

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1811 to 1831

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over 20 years

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but that it was forced upon both by circum stances extremely alarming to them, and which they could neither foresee nor control, and was adopted most reluctantly as a mere temporary expedient during the Crisis of Danger.

He had given that measure the support of his vote, and every other support in his power, except the slight one of speaking upon it; nor should he have thought it necessary to do so at that moment, did he not consider the present to be a Crisis of Great Danger to the empire.

There would be a Crisis of Great Danger, should the demise of the Crown take place between the passing of the Bill and the period when the lists of the new constituency were complete.

1832 to 1843

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over 11 years

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It was the duty of Government to step forward in this Crisis of Danger to the Established Church of England, as well as Ireland, and vindicate the law by putting down this combination.

Should those with whom your Lordship is in the habit of acting, see the necessity, at a Crisis of Danger like the present, for such an engine, the sooner it shall be set in motion the better.

The Chief Justice said, "The opinion of these magistrates was hastily adopted in a Crisis of Real Danger, and most probably from deference to a general resolution.

1865 to 1873

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over eight years

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He should, therefore, confine himself to an expression of opinion that, as a matter of gratitude, the Government ought to have seized the opportunity of doing justice to troops who had stood by us in the Crisis of Danger, prevented our being driven to the coast, and thus saved our Indian empire.

There was no knowing when or at what time a Crisis of Danger might arise—perhaps out of questions of commerce, or of apparently friendly negotiations.

and from some hon. Members who would be the first to declare that we were unprepared for war, and in a Crisis of Danger would advise us to go to arbitration or to take some other foolish step in order to maintain the peace of this country?

1892 to 1939

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over 47 years

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He stated that while he had no desire to cast any aspersion on the character of our fellow subjects in India, he meant to say and still said that— "In the valour, capacity, and energy which are necessary for a Crisis of Danger, the natives of India are not equal to, and cannot replace, Europeans".

Danger Crisis

I cannot believe that we have passed through the Crisis of Danger in this war.

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