Kuwait Crisis

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1962 - 2006

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1962 to 1963

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I do not know sufficient about this to be able to assess their value in that rôle, but paragraph 59 of the Memorandum refers to this at the time of the Kuwait Crisis, when the aircraft were held in Malta for a possible conventional rôle.

In fact, we took some aircraft away from Germany at the time of the Kuwait Crisis, although we took no ground forces.

Today, the armaments lobby prayer is, "God send a Kuwait Crisis before breakfast to justify our defence expenditure".


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Part of my own regiment flew out, from the United Kingdom to the Persian Gulf at the time of the Kuwait Crisis and married up with their tanks in the Persian Gulf.


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Ministers discussed the Iraq-Kuwait Crisis.

We must seek a settlement, primarily and immediately in respect of the Kuwait Crisis.

Ministers discussed the Iraq-Kuwait Crisis and reaffirmed their determination to bring about the release of all hostages in Iraq and Kuwait, the refusal of their Governments to negotiate with Iraq and their condemnation of Iraqi treatment of hostages.

1991 to 2003

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That is why last night's statement by the Secretary-General of the United Nations was so important- promising that as soon as the Kuwait Crisis was over there would be a middle east peace conference.

I want to put before the House my analysis of the grave errors that have been made by the United States Government in their handling of the Crisis in Kuwait.

Ten years on from the Kuwait Crisis, the situation in Palestine is extremely difficult.

The conclusion of the Kuwait Crisis and the consequent ceasefire did not cancel out Resolution 678 and its twin objectives.


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It is worth reminding ourselves that in 1961, a Kuwait Crisis existed when General Kassem threatened to invade Kuwait.

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