Deeper Crisis

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1975 - 2016

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1975 to 1981

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over six years

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These mask a Deeper Crisis over the whole structure of the service and the way in which it is being run and financed.

However, there is a Deeper Crisis, and again one to which the Government are contributing.

What should be clear to anyone who has eyes to see is that the Government are heading for still further problems and a still Deeper Crisis as the year wears on.

We should be heading towards a Deeper Crisis than the Eastern European countries go through, because our economy is much less self-sufficient than theirs.

1985 to 1996

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over 11 years

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If nothing is done and if the DHSs continues to penalise young people for growing up-for that is what it amounts to when they are forced on to the streets because they are young, out of work and looking for independence - we could soon find ourselves in Deeper Crisis.

In the meantime, the situation continues to drift into Deeper Crisis.

Their failure to do so has landed us in a much Deeper Crisis at a much greater cost.

2000 to 2004

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over four years

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It is ironic that it has received help, given that it had a much Deeper Crisis, involving much more money, whereas the hospice in my area has not.

A Deeper Crisis is now certain whatever the election may bring.

There is a much Deeper Crisis about our democracy as a whole, which is clearly demonstrated by the figures that I gave for the period 1997 to 2001.

While it is essential that relief is delivered, where needed, in Darfur and the camps, it is vital that we look to the long-term issues that may plunge those already suffering into even Deeper Crisis.

2012 to 2015

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over three years

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Even as we speak, the eurozone is plunging into a Deeper Crisis.

It is a much Deeper Crisis than we think and will take much longer to sort out than we think.

Now I believe that an ISIL-first strategy risks strengthening Assad and creating Another Deeper Crisis, for which we would also be responsible.


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Many already complain about their eligibility for adult social care being removed or reduced for financial reasons, and if staff costs rise due to shortages, there will be an even Deeper Crisis.

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