Church Crisis

Including: Crisis of the Church, Crisis in the Church

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1843 - 1992

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1843 to 1866

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over 23 years

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He very much doubted whether the Stewarton case would be decided before the meeting of the General Assembly, which would be the Crisis of the Church of Scotland.

It was impossible, in the present Crisis in the Church, that matters could be left to stand as they now were without more serious evils and more undesirable effects being produced.

Now, amongst the many pamphlets published for the purpose of meeting this Crisis of the Church, as it is called, there is one published by the Rev.


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What he proposed was this, that Parliament should pursue—he could not say during the present Session, because the latter part of the month of June was not a time when practical progress could be made with reference to a subject of this sort—the course which was pursued by Parliament at the time of the last great Crisis of the Church of Scotland.


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Something has been said, Mr. Speaker, about the hardship which Nonconformists suffer by reason of their children being sent to Church schools, and it is said, and I confess I sympathise with the statement that that difficulty is accentuated at the present moment by the Crisis in the Church.

Church Crisis, See that Title.

Ritualistic Practices, See, Church Crisis.


Church Crisis, Feb.


Church Crisis, May 5 [70] 1399.

Church Crisis, Mar.

Church Crisis, Apr.

1900 to 1992

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over 92 years

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and while all this is going on an attempt is being made to prove that there is a great Crisis in the Church.

I have been following with great interest the hon. Lady's dealings with the present Crisis in the Church of England.

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